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This really stuck with me today. It can’t express how I feel any better.  It also reminds me of what I need to do in my life. What I think about constantly, but don’t follow through with. That I need to just speak and not walk on eggshells. That I need to do more for myself and what makes me feel good.  

I want to thank, Rachael, a friend on Facebook. One of the very few friends that I have on Facebook, that I have never actually met in person. I adore your drive for life. For peace. For health. For education.  ♥


Back on this journey…

Well, I am back on the journey to drop some weight again. It is the only thing that I ever seem to have to work on. Blame it on my metabolism, my food intake, my alcohol intake, my lake of food intake, what ever it may be. Here I am again.

Last week, Friday, was my first weigh-in back at Weight Watchers.  6 pounds in one week! Holy-molly! That is crazy! Well, first weeks are always the best in my book.  I felt really good about myself though and that is key.

You know what my problem is?  I’m ridiculously, happy. Seriously!  I am happy just living life.  Happy to be in love. Happy to have such an amazing family.  Happy to be living back in California. Happy to have moved into this incredible new house.  Happy that I woke up today. Just fucking happy!!  This is what my problem is and why I don’t pay attention to my weight all the time.  I really don’t think it is a bad problem to have. My life is pretty great.

Anyway, when I went to unpack all of my clothes into my new closet, I realized that I don’t fit into like 80% of them.  Ug!  Dummy!  I didn’t even realize how much weight I had put on this past year. Everything I lost during WW, plus 12 more.  My highest weight ever. Oh boy, yeah, something needs to be done. So, I’m back on WW.

How is it going?  I went way over points Friday, Saturday was good and yesterday, Mother’s Day, I haven’t even tracked yet. A lot of wine and champagne yesterday.  Today and the rest of the week I am going to kick ass though. I need another good loss.  I need to stay on track.  I need to be healthy for my family and not only for myself.

My journey is back on track and I’m feeling great about it! 🙂 xo

52 Small Changes – Week 4

This week is pretty simple since I already do it with being on Weight Watchers… Week 4 – Keep a Food Journal.

I have done this in the past as well with another challenge and also on my own.  When I first started it was very, very enlightening.  I was counting calories.  The next journal was making sure I was adding and getting rid of a lot of foods.  Now with Weight Watchers and counting points it is even more different.  I really like it though and find that it is imperative for me.  🙂


52 Small Changes – Week 3

My new assignment/challenge this week is to Keep Off the Couch.  Funny, because I have been trying to get my butt to get ON the couch more lately.  I haven’t watched very much TV, or new in the past couple of years.  I guess if I get up and walk on the treadmill in the morning before the babies get here for me to watch, then get my Boys off to school, I can make this all work.  Actually, I am going to get my Boys off to school, then take Baby Girl on a bike ride, then come home for lunch.  After lunch I usually lay her down. Once I lay her down I am going to get on the treadmill and either read, or watch a show in its TV.  My minimum on the treadmill is 40 minutes, which is at least usually 2 miles.  Yes, that will work great!  Good plan!  Also extra activity points.  Good stuff!

My water intake since I have started except for one day, yesterday, has been great!  I have been drinking a goal of 100 ounces a day.

As for my sleep that has also been going well this past week also except for one day.  Saturday night I went out with friend, then needed to be up early Sunday for my Weight Watchers weigh-in.  Does it count that I came home afterward and slept for several hours?  LOL!

May I tell everyone that I am loving this challenge and incorporating these things in my life and being aware of each of them every day.  Love it!  🙂


Shrink Yo’Self Fitness Challenge Week 2

Today is our Wednesday check-in for the Shrink Yo-Self Fitness Challenge.

Today’s Weight:  175.6.

I can’t remember what my weight was last week at this time. Somewhere around 177 I believe.  Anyway, the Challenge for this week is staying the same as last week. Workout 3 to 5 times a week. Have I been doing this?  Some days yes.  Some days no.  I have gotten on my bike a few times in the past week, but still no Bikram and still no other exercising. Why? Well, because I am Kathleen and this is what I do.  On a good note though… I am getting a treadmill tomorrow night!!!  Woo hooo!  So excited!

When I WAS going to the gym the thing that I used the most was the treadmill, so having one in the house is going to be great. Not only will I use it, but my Father and Husband will want to use it as well.  I will have to keep my Boys in check about the rules of safety while using a treadmill, but I will for sure let them use it if they like.

The Assignment that went along with this weeks Challenge is “Dear Me“, which I have already completed as of last week. You can see it here… https://katbite.wordpress.com/2012/01/06/shrink-yoself-assignment-dear-me-in-2013/

Starting Thursday, or maybe Friday sometime, I will get my ass on that Treadmill and walk, walk, walk.  I also plan to ride my bike over to meet my Boys after school too. My 3 oldest rode bikes today, but my youngest didn’t. I think I’ll take the carrier over with baby girl and ride home with them all.  My oldest has his saxophone today anyway, so I can put that in the carrier for him as well.  I’ll take the exercise any way I can get it! 🙂


Shrink Yo’Self Assignment – Dear Me. In 2013.

Shrink Yo' Self in 2012

Dear Me. In 2013.

The Assignment:

“For this week’s project, I want you to close your eyes. (Well, after you read this.) And pretend that it’s January — of 2013.

One full year ahead.

And when you think about January 2013, think about where you are sitting. What you look like. Where you are. Think about all the things you did in 2011. How far you’ve come. The goals you’ve reached. The obstacles you faced in 2011. The things you learned. Visualize where you will be. Physically, mentally, emotionally. I know you don’t have much to go on since we’re not even out of January 2012 yet. But that’s kind of the whole purpose.

Now, ”future self” (*this is me waving to your future self and saying “Hi!!!”*), go ahead and write ”current self” a letter. Tell yourself what you’ve done in 2012 and who you’ve become. Tell yourself about all the scale and non-scale victories you’ve had. Anything that you think is valuable for your current self to know, go ahead, tell it.

Write the letter to yourself like it actually happened. No hypotheticals. Because “future-self” actually knows what went on in 2012! You have to trust her (or him)!! Channel “Future Self”. So that’s what it is this week. “Future-self,” write “current-self” a letter about what 2011 is like and what you hope for 2013.

This is one of those things you can actually hold in your hand when January 2013 comes around and you can see for yourself just what you’ve done. I am sure you will agree with yourself on that day and maybe even surprise yourself. Because you’ve got 11 more months to make it real. And you will. Because you rock and because you’re you, and ps. I already know what you’re made of. (And because future me told me so.)”

January 6, 2013

Well Kathleen, I must say that it has been an interesting year.  While I sit here in our new backyard with Queenie on my lap in Aptos I couldn’t be happier.  The Boys are getting ready to head back to school after the holidays after another amazing Christmas and New Years.

Last New Year we spent it at the Manning’s and boy did we miss them this time around.  Skype is so great though, because we get to keep in great touch with them.

Some other fun things that we did this year…

  • We bought Season Passes to Disney for the family.
  • I started riding bikes to school with the Boys.
  • Alex passed me up in my shoe size.
  • We did 3 more run/walks.  This time with the whole family.
  • Andrew found a new job in the Bay Area finally and we got to move back to California!  Wow, I never thought that would happen.  That was probably the best thing of all.  Better late than never.
  • I stuck with Weight Watchers.  Kim and I went diligently every Sunday (sometimes Mondays) and I lost 40 more pounds!!  I feel fantastic!
  • Bikram this year has changed my life.  I am flexible, energetic and happy all the time.  The new studio in Aptos is fantastic too!
  • Paladin is doing much better with his Valley Fever and we hope to have another great year with him.
  • Queenie and Rogue had another litter of puppies.  We found them all great home and boy was I tempted to keep one.

At the beginning of the year I started 3 new Challenges.

1) 100 ounces of water a day.  I am still drinking those 100 ounces of water a day and I feel great.  It really helped with getting the weight off and keeping my skin healthy.  With as much Bikram and Bike Riding that I have been doing, some days I drink over 150 ounces.

2) Shrink Yo’Self 2012, which ended on February 28th.  My goal was to complete all of the assignments and lose at least 5 pounds during the Challenge.  I did it!!  I was so happy!

3) 52 Small Changes. Each week was a new Challenge.  I completed them all, which I was amazed!  It is so hard for me to keep with something that long, but I did it and I feel great on the inside and look great on the outside.

Being able to walk and ride my bike to the beach has been a huge thing for me right now.  I not only get exercise, but I am reading more and my depression is finally gone.  The ocean does wonders for Kathleen.  🙂

On a very cool note… that bathing suit that T said that I would never fit into that sits in my drawer… IT FITS!!!  Woo hoo!  I will post pics when I get a chance.  That just made me feel even more fantastic.

Well, it has been one amazing year and I am so looking forward to 2013 and seeing what it brings me and the family.


Yourself – Kathleen.



Shrink Yo’Self – My 1st Assignment

Shrink Yo' Self in 2012

The Assignment… What are your Goals for this Challenge?

Goals, huh, that is a hard one for me.  I am GREAT at setting goals for myself, but completely CRAPPY about actually doing them for myself.

Sunday I weighed 177.2

Today, Wednesday, I weighed 176.4

I am also not a New Years Resolution person, because of just my last of follow through for myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I am reliable, plan stuff all the time, show up to all the gatherings, keep promises within my friends and family and also help meet my children’s goals… just not my own.  It was coincidental for me that it just happened to be the beginning of the year that I was looking around for some new challenges to kick-start me a little bit.  Since Thanksgiving I have just lacked on my exercise.  I have still been going to my Weight Watchers meetings weekly though.  This coming Sunday will be my 15th week.  My starting weight was 185.

So, back to my goals…

#1… To lose at least another 5 pounds by the end of this challenge, February 29th.  I will stick to my WW Daily Points and work hard not to dip into my Weekly points unless necessary.

#2… I will drink 100 plus ounces of water each day.  I have a 30 ounce cup and also a 24 ounce water bottle that I keep with me at all times.

#3… I will exercise at least 3 times a week.  I will set dates with myself to ride my bike.  I will set appointments to go back to Bikram Yoga.  My absolute favorite kind of exercise.  I will not let myself make excuses.  I will figure out how to get exercise in as much as I can.  I need to stop just blowing this off.

#4… I will keep this weight OFF!  I will do what is needed to stay on track and keep it of forever.  This is a huge goal for me since I always seem to put it on and 10 times as fast.  It sucks, but is true.  It needs to be a major focus this time around.

I am looking forward to the support I know I will get from this challenge and also learning some new things about myself.  🙂


Shrink Yo’Self – True Confession Tuesday

True ConfessionsToday I am told that  “Tuesday is the day where we put IT all out on the table, where we share the previous week’s transgressions, struggles, and good stuff too.  You write-up a post, leave the link in the comments below and then go read what everyone else has to say and leave them shouts of encouragement or a swift kick in the ass.” Ha!  Love it, so here it goes.

Started Weight Watchers on:  Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Starting Weight:  185

Highest Weight:  189

Weight Today:  177.2

Total WW Loss:  7.8

Total Loss Overall: 11.8

To Goal:  42.2

After charting all that let me tell you how easy it is to put that back on… yeah probably a week, or two.  Easy pesy and it sucks!  That is why I joined Weight Watchers and that is why I am here.  Honestly it is coincidental that it is the beginning of the year, because I have been ready and working my best.  The problem is that when it comes to myself my best isn’t always good enough. I can do everything for everyone else with no issue.  Follow though, help at the school, take care of every kid on the block, yadda yadda yadda, but when it comes to me I never really realize I am slacking until it is bad.

In the 14 weeks I have been in Weight Watchers I have had 4 gains. 3 times just 1 pound and 1 other time just 1.6.  Yeah, I got it back of rather quickly, but that is my problem.  I can lose it quick, but I also put it back on twice as fast.  I am learning that I need to be patient.  Slow loss is good. Eating is good. Especially when it speeds up your metabolism.

Yesterday we went with friends to Gordon Biersch to watch the Rose Bowl.  Weekend events are my nemesis! I love spending time with my Husband, friends and my family in general.  The weekends usually involve cocktails. Cocktails usually then lead to food. That is where I usually screw-up. I am working on it.  I want to get this weight off.

My other problem is that I just don’t care if I don’t get up and work-out, or eat that snack that I am supposed to be eating to get my metabolism going.  I am trying to change that as well.  It is SO easy for me to slip back into what I have always know.  I have been told my whole life to just not eat to lose weight.  Well, that obviously doesn’t work for me and has messed me up mentally.  I am having to reconfigure my brain.

I have a love and hate relationship with food.  I absolutely love it and love to cook. When there is amazing food in front of me I go for it.  On the other end I can go most of the day without eating and that really messes me up. I am learning to eat more often and boy is it hard for me.  🙂


Shrink Yo' Self in 2012

Another Challenge… Shrink Yo’Self in 2012

I started another Challenge this week.  Here’s the scoop…

Shrink Yo' Self in 2012

What’s the challenge this time at the sisterhood? Happy New Year!! Our current challenge is called Shrink Yo’ Self in 2012. It’s not a teams challenge this time around because we want you to focus on YOU. We want to help you reign in those fitness and weight loss goals floating through your head and make them a reality this year! Here’s where you can find all posts associated with the Shrink Yo’ Self in 2012 Challenge.

There will also be a fitness challenge for everyone! And non-shrinkers are welcome to join in with us!

When does it begin and end? The Shrink Yo’ Self Challenge starts on January 1st and ends on February 29th.

Can I join at anytime? YES! Feel free to jump in anytime!

Must I be a woman to join? Heck, no! We welcome women, mothers, brothers, fathers, absolutely ANYONE!

What do I need to do? We’ll check-in every Wednesday.  If you have a blog, write about your losses, gains, successes, frustrations.  Then come back to Shrinking Jeans and link back to your weekly blog post.

Do I have to check-in every Wednesday? We encourage you to check-in every Wednesday! Accountability is good!

What if I don’t want to lose weight, and just want to hang out and exercise with y’all because you’re cool? That’s great! We welcome losers, non-losers, people new to fitness, and people training for their 52nd marathon. Join the fun!

Do I have to have a blog? Nope. But you should! They’re free and journaling while losing weight is awesome. OR you can join the ‘hood and use the nifty blogging feature that comes with every account. No excuses people!!!

What if I have information I want to share? Please share any thoughts, recipes, product reviews and meaningful blog posts with us. You can e-mail us anything.  (Except pictures of chocolate or pizza) We’d love for this site to feel like your home, so get your running shoes on and get comfortable!  More than likely we will share whatever you send us!  Just keep it clean and pertinent!

You can also engage in conversation with your fellow Sisters and Brothers in the comments sections of posts.

AND you can now join the ‘hood, our Sisterhood social networking site!

Do you happen to have any advice for me for this challenge? Why yes we do.  Take your before picture now.  You will never regret it.  When I look at mine, I throw my donut in the garbage and I don’t even go back and get it later.

Do I have to be on Weight Watchers to join this challenge? Oh goodness no.  Do whatever works for you.

Can I put a button on my blog promoting this challenge?  I certainly don’t want to keep all of this healthy goodness to myself! Goodness yes. Buttons with codes can be found up there at top under “Button Up“. Grab one of our logos buttons and the current challenge button for your blog’s sidebar. Go ahead; all the cool cats are doing it!

I am completely excited about it! Still learning the ins and outs of how to connect, but doing it none the less. 🙂


2012, or the Twilight Zone?

Happy 2012!!

My last Blog was on November 15th, yikes!  Crazy busy? Totally lazy? Who the hell knows!  What I do know is that I am here today, typing away, feeling good and making good choices.

It is New Years Day… holy crap!  2012 already! I am happy and mad all at the same time.  I am going to stay on a positive note though and write about what good things I have done for myself today…

I laid in bed until after 2 p.m.

I had Pho with my family for the first time together, ever!  It was so great!  We ordered the large bowl of Pho An Sen’s most popular and chowed it!  We even got a second bowl.  To my chagrin, I didn’t tell our Boys what they were eating until AFTER we had finished.  I just wanted them to taste it and if they loved it to eat it up.  They did!  Then I told them that they were eating Beef MeatBalls, Beef loin, Beef flank stake, Beef round steak, Tripe and Tendon.  They thought about it for a moment, then said, “When can we come back?” I love them to death!!

Ice Cream with the family after lunch/dinner.  My first ice cream scoop in over a couple of months. Yum!  I love mint chip ice cream.

Joined the #100ozChallenge on Twitter today.  My goal is to get though January and most likely just head on through to February as well.  I am goal challenged, so this is a good start for me.

I also joined Shrink Yo’Self in 2012 {new challenge} | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC. for the Shrink Yo’Self in 2012 and also the 52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier, Healthier You – The Hood.  These two look fantastic as well.  Simple.  2 great challenges to get me going again and they look like they will work well in conjunction with each other.

I have been terrible about going to Bikram and miss it terribly.  I am going to try to get back on my schedule again by next Monday.  That is my exercise goal.  Going at least 2 times a week.  I need it badly.

As I enter into my 13th week of Weight Watchers I must tell you that I have lost 7.2 pounds in 2011 on the program.  That puts me at a total of 11.2 for 2011.  2012 I will be kicking it up a notch.  When it comes to this time next year I want most of the weight off.  I don’t want to feel like I haven’t accomplished something.  I should be able to do this.  Exercise, food and water.  How hard could that be.  Go Kathleen Go!

Well, here is to the New Year and great things to come!  🙂