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Vacation from Being on Track

I just got back Sunday from being in California with my 4 Boys and my friend Rita.  I will talk about my trip in another blog post.  Anyway, I have decided to get back on track today, then decided to wait until the weekend.  My Bountiful Baskets order will be in on Saturday and I am plum out of everything else right now except for a couple of apples and oranges.

I didn’t eat badly on my vacation.  I just didn’t eat very regular. I didn’t gain and I didn’t lose either.

I am haven’t been out of control by any means this week since I have been back.  Unfortunately, since the pantry and fridge are pretty null and void of many fruits and veggies I have been having a handful of regular snacks here and there.  Just a handful though.  Nothing crazy.  I have been hungry though, which is a good sign for me. Instead of grabbing a handful of pretzels today I reached for an apple and put 2 tablespoons of peanut butter on a plate. I’ve never had the two together, but it is really so yummy!  Thanks to my OC girlfriend that I was able to see over the weekend and on our way back from N. California.  I just never thought of putting the two together.  Yum!

I’ve been able to keep the 10 pounds off that I lost,which I am happy about.  On the other hand I realized that I am TERRIBLE with keeping goals for myself.  You would think that I would have come to terms with this years ago, but no.  I just did and just admitted it to myself. HA! First step right? Right!  So, I am going to start with baby-steps… I am going to shoot for another 10 pound loss. I don’t have a goal date perse… just that I need to lose 10 more pounds this year then I will take it from there. I think that is very reasonable.  🙂


A Sad Realization

Cover of "The Help"

Cover of The Help

When I first moved to Louisiana in September 2002 my Husband was worried about me getting myself into trouble.  I grew up in the Bay Area in California and have personally been a very open-minded and liberal person my whole life.  I like everybody for who they are.  He was worried about me moving to a smaller town where bigotry was still among us.

I was drawn to a beautiful home in the Historical Garden District of Alexandria.  I went back to see the house 5 or 6 times.  I just really liked it for some reason.  Every time I went there I got a really good vibe. While I set up each visit my Real Estate Agent from Caldwell Banker, Leona Swanson, we would get to chatting.  One day she brought up to me that maybe I shouldn’t be looking over in that area.  Maybe I should be looking over in the Charles Park area, or some neighborhood of that sort.  I asked her why, I love this beautiful neighborhood?  She went on to tell me that there are surrounding neighborhoods that aren’t of our kind.  She was speaking of the black neighbors surrounding that area.  I immediately told her that I didn’t care one way, or another what kind of neighbors I had, just as long as I loved the house and the street it was on.  Needlesstosay, we bought that house.

We lived there for two years.  The neighbors were amazing and still friends to this day, even after leaving Louisiana.  One of my favorite sites to see were the old couple that would ride down the street.  The older man riding the bike and the elderly woman on the handlebars.  It was the cutest thing that I ever saw.  I just wish I had a picture of them.  As happy as can be.

I started reading a new book on Saturday night, The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  As I was reading today it hit me.  My Husband and I were remembering our old house in Alexandria and he mentioned the bathroom out in the car port.  I never even thought of it, until today. I now know why that bathroom was out there.  It was for the “Help”. Wow!  It really kind of slapped me in the face. My heart was pounding and I felt rather upset.  I know that racism was alive and well years ago and segregation was there, but I just realized that it was happening there, at the house that I had lived in.  That didn’t make me feel good.

The house had all the tell-tale signs too… separate entrance to the kitchen, back stairs from the kitchen, the laundry off the kitchen, swinging doors to the diningroom.  Things like that.  I was aware that the house was built for maids-n-such, just not that they actually had to use the bathroom outside.  This book, The Help, helped me to understand it all if a very different way.  A new realization.  One that I didn’t like.

Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying this book immensely, mostly from the point of view.  It is just a new perspective for me.  I would have been the person that was always getting in trouble, because I would have talked to everyone, even the blacks, had them over for dinner and invited them to gatherings.  I would have been the one to get a cross burned on my front lawn probably. No one would have probably wanted to work for me.  I don’t know why not, they would have loved me.

I need to find a picture of this beautiful home that I lived in Alexandria, Louisiana.  When I do I will post it.  🙂



WordPress A Post A Day/Week #25 ~ What’s your idea of a perfect Sunday?

What’s your idea for a perfect Sunday?

How would it differ from a typical Sunday? If it’s Sunday where you are, what kind of day is it so far?

I have a few different ideas of perfect Sundays…

On a hot Sunday in Arizona the perfect way to spend it is outside with my family and friends in the pool. Laughing, playing, lounging, entertaining, relaxing, pictures and enjoying life.

On a cooler day in Arizona on a Sunday I like to hang with my family at the park.  Pack a picnic, bring the shovels for the sand, football, soccer ball, a blanket for the grass.  Relax. Watch my Boys play together and also make new friends.

One I would like to add is a Sunday on the beach in CA. Usually spent with my Husband and Boys and all of the other family that shows up.  Pizza My Heart on the beach. Playing in the sand.  Treading water in the Pacific. Cracking up, loving life, relaxing and being content. This one is my favorite! 🙂


30 Days – Day 25

Day 25 — The Person You know That is Going Through The Worst of Times (3 Days Late)

The first person that came to mind is myself, but after today I really have to say that I have a lot of luck and good Karma on my side.

My Besties Son has regular seizures.  He is only 7.  Surgery is in his future.  He was doing great, then BAM, he is having another bad week.  They live in Alabama now and it kills me that I can’t hug her when she needs it the most and be there for her.

I was talking with a man today, my Attorney, and he was telling me about his Brother that is dying from brain cancer.  He is 30 years old and starting Hospice care this week.  He said that when they found out and though his treatment they prayed for him to get better.  New he says that they  pray for him to be out of pain.

I know 3 women who are going though very sad divorces and the men in their lives are putting the children in between them. The Husbands are saying horrible things about the Mothers putting the children against the Mothers.  Very out of line.  I am very sad mostly for the children.  They will need a lifetime of therapy after all of their lives are settled and all is calm again. The worst thing you can do to children, in my mind, is put them in the middle of your situation… the parents situation.  The children always seem to get hurt the worst.

I got a text today from my Niece telling me that her Father will probably pass today.  He has been in the hospital with Hepatitis C and Liver Cancer… he is only 55.  His Father died last month (her Grandfather) and he was in his late 80’s.

These are to just name of  few of the things that are going on with people who I know.  I feel fortunate that I do have such a wonderful life.  Even in the hardest of times.  🙂


WordPress A Post A Day/Week #12 ~ What are you looking forward to?

What are you looking forward to?

As of this moment I am looking forward to my Husband finding a new job.  This could mean many different things for us.

I am not an in-limbo person… I don’t like feeling like I am to just float out there in space until someone throws me a line and pulls me in.  Damn it really sucks!  I could just imagine how he is feeling.  Horrible I’m sure!

As of today he is waiting to hear about an interview to be set up in San Diego.  Other prospective jobs that popped up this week are in San Francisco, San Jose & Miramar, FL.  Still waiting to hear how the job interview went while he was in Oakland.  Waiting, waiting, waiting… ugh!  Tomorrow is Friday and another week will be gone.  Have to wait again until next week… waiting, waiting, waiting.

On the positive side, which is the side that I try to stay on the best I can.  I am looking forward to that stability again.  Also, will we be staying here?  Will we be moving and where?  There is so much to all of it and it is all exciting to me.  I am looking forward to a move out of Arizona.  If not, then I will look forward to our future here in Arizona for a bit longer and the great life that we already have.  🙂