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This really stuck with me today. It can’t express how I feel any better.  It also reminds me of what I need to do in my life. What I think about constantly, but don’t follow through with. That I need to just speak and not walk on eggshells. That I need to do more for myself and what makes me feel good.  

I want to thank, Rachael, a friend on Facebook. One of the very few friends that I have on Facebook, that I have never actually met in person. I adore your drive for life. For peace. For health. For education.  ♥


Monday is just not my day for new beginnings.

1656430_10151822358426734_239829579_nI‘ve always had a thing about not starting new things on Mondays.  Tuesday has always been my day.  I may think about it, but never seem to act on until Tuesday.  Don’t ask me why, it has always just felt the best for me.

Today I have been thinking off some of the things that I need to start doing… Getting up and being dressed before my Boys.  Cooking more.  Running on the treadmill again.  Just to name a few.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and the day for me to start a few things anew.  🙂


Carli’s Couch to 5K – Week 1 – Day 1


Today I thought I would check out what all the talk is about this Couch to 5k.  I went on over to Running Into Shape With Carli Couch to 5 K podcast.  Downloaded it to my desktop then copied it over to my iTunes like it suggested.  Put on my workout clothes and walking shoes.  Told my Boys that I would have my headphones on and headed for the treadmill.

I was rather surprised to find that the Week 1 wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be.  You are supposed to take a day in between as a break, but I will be doing it again tomorrow.  If I am up to it, I may even do it twice.

I woke up with my whole body aching today.  Thank goodness I was able to fit in a massage for an hour.  I think that my body is trying to get sick and is fighting like hell.  I tripled up on the Vitamin C. I also still did this workout, which I was happy that I did.  I was dragging tired and ache all day, but it was worth it, absolutely.

I got my Bodybugg back up and running this past week as well. It seems I average between 2,000 and 2,500 steps per day when I am just hanging around the house. Today I logged 6,853 burning 2,267 calories as of this moment. Not too shabby. Going to get on it again tomorrow and see if I can beat it. I’ve downed 112oz of water almost too. All good stuff!  🙂


52 Small Changes – Week 3

My new assignment/challenge this week is to Keep Off the Couch.  Funny, because I have been trying to get my butt to get ON the couch more lately.  I haven’t watched very much TV, or new in the past couple of years.  I guess if I get up and walk on the treadmill in the morning before the babies get here for me to watch, then get my Boys off to school, I can make this all work.  Actually, I am going to get my Boys off to school, then take Baby Girl on a bike ride, then come home for lunch.  After lunch I usually lay her down. Once I lay her down I am going to get on the treadmill and either read, or watch a show in its TV.  My minimum on the treadmill is 40 minutes, which is at least usually 2 miles.  Yes, that will work great!  Good plan!  Also extra activity points.  Good stuff!

My water intake since I have started except for one day, yesterday, has been great!  I have been drinking a goal of 100 ounces a day.

As for my sleep that has also been going well this past week also except for one day.  Saturday night I went out with friend, then needed to be up early Sunday for my Weight Watchers weigh-in.  Does it count that I came home afterward and slept for several hours?  LOL!

May I tell everyone that I am loving this challenge and incorporating these things in my life and being aware of each of them every day.  Love it!  🙂


Shrink Yo’Self Fitness Challenge Week 2

Today is our Wednesday check-in for the Shrink Yo-Self Fitness Challenge.

Today’s Weight:  175.6.

I can’t remember what my weight was last week at this time. Somewhere around 177 I believe.  Anyway, the Challenge for this week is staying the same as last week. Workout 3 to 5 times a week. Have I been doing this?  Some days yes.  Some days no.  I have gotten on my bike a few times in the past week, but still no Bikram and still no other exercising. Why? Well, because I am Kathleen and this is what I do.  On a good note though… I am getting a treadmill tomorrow night!!!  Woo hooo!  So excited!

When I WAS going to the gym the thing that I used the most was the treadmill, so having one in the house is going to be great. Not only will I use it, but my Father and Husband will want to use it as well.  I will have to keep my Boys in check about the rules of safety while using a treadmill, but I will for sure let them use it if they like.

The Assignment that went along with this weeks Challenge is “Dear Me“, which I have already completed as of last week. You can see it here… https://katbite.wordpress.com/2012/01/06/shrink-yoself-assignment-dear-me-in-2013/

Starting Thursday, or maybe Friday sometime, I will get my ass on that Treadmill and walk, walk, walk.  I also plan to ride my bike over to meet my Boys after school too. My 3 oldest rode bikes today, but my youngest didn’t. I think I’ll take the carrier over with baby girl and ride home with them all.  My oldest has his saxophone today anyway, so I can put that in the carrier for him as well.  I’ll take the exercise any way I can get it! 🙂


It’s A New Day In My Skin – Day 153

Weight:  175

Size:  12/13/14

Exercise:  4 different leg machines today and the treadmill for 2 miles.

Today was my first day back to the gym since my 3-Day walk.  It really did feel great.  We started out with working on some leg machines.  My Orthopedic said that I need to strengthen my inner thigh muscles, which will in-turn strengthen my knees.  Sounded good to me.

After the leg machines we got on the bikes… yeah, I only lasted like 5 minutes on the bike, because it was hurting my ass like hell.  Off to the treadmill I went.  2 miles there, then headed home.

On the drive home I kept saying how happy I was that we worked out today.  It really felt great.  I even came home and took a long nap.  One I think that I have needed for the past several days.  Hmmmm… I liked that.

It was a great day!    Now I am off to do my sit-ups.  🙂


It’s A New Day In My Skin – Day 120

(This post is written for yesterday.)

Weight: 179

Size: 13/14

Exercise:  5 miles on the treadmill.

Today I felt great working out at the gym.  I got on the treadmill and went for it.  No shin-splints, just a little sore in the hip-flexor on my right leg.  I did most of my walk on a 3.7, which is pretty fast walk for me.  I tried to shoot up to 4.o, but it is just not a comfortable pace for me.  I cranked it up to 5.2 for about half a mile and ran a little bit to get my heart rate up too.  All-in-all it was a great session.  🙂


It’s A New Day In My Skin – Day 118

Weight:  183

Size:  14

Exercise:  2 miles on the treadmill… 10 miles on the stationary bike… walked home from the gym, about 2 1/2 to 3 miles.

It felt good to exercise today since I hadn’t done much since my crap experience of dehydration.  I went to the gym ready to do at least 5 miles today. Unfortunately, I couldn’t shake my damn cramps.  Starting your period for the first time since June is good and bad.  Bloated as hell and pain that makes you not want to move on the bad side.  Finally having it and thinking that my body might be getting back on track is the positive side.  I told the bad side to screw-off today and just kept going and thought positive thoughts.  I told myself today that I ROCK!

I was trying to check the weather before I stepped foot out of the gym today and decided if I was 100% sure that I wanted to walk home, but my phone wasn’t cooperating.  I purchased a protein bar since I hadn’t eaten anything this morning & made sure my water was sufficiently supplied in my water bottle.  I walked out the door and it was sprinkling.  I was so excited!  I was actually hoping that it would just rain on me the whole walk home.  I tightened up the silk bag that I have my Kindle & PalmPre stored in, so that the rain wouldn’t make it in there.  I set off for home.  I got a few drops on me here and there, but nothing more.  The cloud cover felt nice, as did the little breeze, but I knew that it was still very hot out today.  It had to be, it was 110 yesterday!

I made it home with no worries and no pain.  That was wonderful!  It still isn’t 20 miles, or 40 miles, or 60 miles like I will be walking in 12 days.  I keep telling myself I can do it, I can do it.  With all of the excitement that will be going on before, during and after the walk I keep thinking that it isn’t going to be as strenuous as it could be.  Yes, I will still be walking 20 miles a day and yes, I will be sore and tired most likely during and especially towards the end.  I will also be so excited, adrenalin and emotions flowing fiercely through my body.  I know I can do this and even better… I want to do it!  I am already thinking about doing it next year. Is that crazy?

As of today the Susan G. Koman 3-Day in San Francisco is 12 days away.  I will have $908 dollar to raise in less than 2 weeks.  3-Days 60 Miles – Please Support Me!!!.  🙂