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Movies that make you go hmmm…

 I love a movie that just gets your thoughts flowing… What would it be like to hike the PCT? Am I out of control in my life? Would my Boys be sad if I died? Why haven’t I bought a new pair of hiking books, I love to hike? Am I wasting my life? What is my full potential? I wonder if I make my family happy? Does Andrew still love me the way he used to? Am I boring? Am I disgusting? Am I happy? I’m so happy the weather is cool today. I’m happy I got those counters decluttering in the kitchen today. I don’t want to die. What time is it? I miss camping. I wonder how much the train is to Oregon? I wonder if I make Andrew happy? Don’t forget to ask Dad if he can pick Devin up today. Maybe I should look into posting those bikes on Craigslist. I could totally hike for miles in my Tevas. I wonder what kinds of essentials I would need for a long backpacking trip? I need to book us a trip to the Treesort. I wonder which train station is closest to the Treesort? I wonder if Andrew would be up for a train ride? I wonder if Andrew can get some time off work? I haven’t ridden my bike for a while, maybe I’ll take it over to Perfectly Pressed tomorrow. I need to start riding that hill more often to get stamina. One day it will get easier, right? Why am I so hungry today? I wonder how many points that juice was I drank this morning? I wonder how many points beets juiced are? What the hell is with all of these “national” days? I wonder who decides and creates these “national” days? They’re kind of dumb, are people that bored? I would never do heroine. Why are my eyes bothering me so much?

My crazy thoughts for an afternoon. I must say though, that movies as these get your juices flowing. I like that. 😀


Random Pillow Thoughts

As I am changing the sheets and bedding on my bed (yes I have two sets, because it takes me so long to get laundry done, I don’t want my bed without that long) and putting it all back together, I am thinking about the movie “Along Came Polly”.  The scene when they are taking all the pillows off of his bed and discussing all of the extra pillows that “make the bed look nice.”  I just have to say… I fucking love all the extra pillows on my bed.  How comfy they are when I lay on them.  How nice they make my bed look.  All complete like.  On the other had, I wish I had a spot to put them all like he did.  I just put them to the side.  Also, I’m thinking how fun it would be to mutilate them all with a big kitchen knife, like in the movie.  Hahaha!!  Yep, just a few random pillow thoughts today.  🙂