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Photos Are Our History

Good morning!☀️🌞😃 

This is such a true statement. I’ve talked to people that have burned, thrown away or tore up old photos. I don’t believe in that. I think that photos are your history. With good memories, or bad. They are still your history and something that should be cherished.

I wish that I had more photos of myself when I was young. I have one of myself with my father. I have another of myself with my Mother. Another of my Grandmother, myself and my Cousin Keith. A couple of myself while very young alone while enjoying summer vacation. A couple teenage ones. Now, a lot as an adult. 

I take tons of photos of my children. They hold so many memories for me. One day when they look at them, I hope they will hold wonderful memories for them and show them their history.

That brings me to another subject. Don’t forget to save and also print out the photos on your phones. I think thousands, even millions, of photos are getting lost each day, because we dont download them and print them out. What a waste. Take some time and do it. You will be happy you did. 🙂



Be good to your children people. Watch what you say. Don’t degrade. Remember that they are NOT you. Encourage them. A simple “name calling” can stick in more ways then you know. Don’t teach them the words… shut-up; dumb; fat; hate; stupid; retard; wimp; etc. Teach them to love themselves. Tell them you love them. Smile. Hug them. Tell them that you aren’t perfect. Tell them when you are wrong. Listen to them. Listen to their friends. Do all thing for them unconditionally. Encourage them. Be honest with them. 🙂