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Savvy Curls with Kathleen Shelfer

The Savvy Curls new commercial is out.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

If you would like to purchase a Savvy Curls Curling Headband, please contact me here or go to…

http://www.SavvyCurls.com, but don’t forget to use my Client Code for your discount and to link you directly to me.

Client Code: kats1 (all lower case)

I can’t wait to see your results!  🙂


30 Days – Day 19

Day 19 — Someone that pesters your mind—good or bad

The only person that pesters my mind is ME!  I pester myself about people, situations, the future, am I doing this right, what in the hell am I waiting for, why do people say shit like that, boy that tastes good, I hope that didn’t offend her, I don’t want to get up today, who cares about my hair, damn my tooth hurts, that painting sucks, the sky is so beautiful, I’m horny, mmmmm water, fix his hair, make those cookies, clean that up, wake up, shoes, fucking dog, I’m such an idiot, exercise, that painting came out pretty good, just eat it, my beautiful Boys, be happy, I rock, ug I just can’t deal with that gossip, I miss the beach, am I patient enough with my Boys, is my Husband happy with me, that tastes so good, no drama please, just one time, that’s funny shit, all I smell is piss, she turned this pink, just breathe, DIM, Court, what’s the big deal it is just a few gray hairs, shopping at Whole Foods is way better, I want a garden, I miss my family, my back, please be happy Boys, smile Sweetie, best friends, exercise, cocktails, Bikram, money, I love red lipstick, that damn air conditioner is on again, take each day one moment at a time, Ahhhh.  🙂