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This really stuck with me today. It can’t express how I feel any better.  It also reminds me of what I need to do in my life. What I think about constantly, but don’t follow through with. That I need to just speak and not walk on eggshells. That I need to do more for myself and what makes me feel good.  

I want to thank, Rachael, a friend on Facebook. One of the very few friends that I have on Facebook, that I have never actually met in person. I adore your drive for life. For peace. For health. For education.  ♥


WordPress A Post A Day #27 ~ If Stranded on a Desert Island…

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If stranded on a desert island, and could only bring one music album with you, which would it be?

What is it about this music that never gets old for you?

It would be an Elvis album.  I couldn’t say which one, I used to have many, but don’t have any of  his records any more.  They were stolen out of my garage several years ago when I lived in San Jose.  I have bought a few CD’s over the years and download his albums on iTunes.

They used to advertise his albums on the TV.  I would call when I was a little girl and order one to be sent COD. I would get the money from one of my Parents to pay for it.  I had at least a dozen.  It was so cool!  I used to make my Ken Doll sing and dance to Elvis.  Ha!  Great memories!

The reason that it would never get old for me on a desert island… I always loved the variety on his albums. Some bluesy, a get-up-and-dance song, a love song, a song from one of his movies.  Love him!  🙂


30 Days – Day 9

Day 9 – Someone You Wish You Could Meet

The only people who I can think of that I would like to meet are dead… Andrew’s Father, My Grandma Lara, Billie Holiday, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Elvis.  So I am S.O.L.  I am not a movie buff, so no movie stars that I want to meet.  I am pretty content.  🙂