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Not Even 30

Yesterday came and went

It would have been your Birthday

Your 30th

A day to celebrate

Celebrate your wonder

Your Smile

How cherished you are

Not a day for tears

To ‘cheers’ without you

Without hearing you laugh

And without seeing that contagious smirk

We still toast you though

Your loving memory

A memory of a life lost

Forever lost


I wish I knew that you were lost

I wish I knew your pain

I wish I knew when you were scared

Or mad

Or over it all

I wish I knew it all

Now I just feel sadness

Shocked is the only way to describe



Full of a bucket of tears that keeps refilling itself

With no end

No end

I love you

My sweet little Brother

I love you.


WordPress Post a Day/Week #5 ~ Are you stressed out right now?

Are you stressed out right now? (If so, why? If not, why not?)

As of today I am going to say no.  No I am not stressed out right now.  I am happy to repeat that.  The past 7 months have been pretty hard for me.  I guess I should say, I have been pretty hard on myself.  The good thing is that I have pulled myself out of my first, what I would call, depression funk, and am feeling great!

I keep reminding myself what a wonderful life I truly have.  I am totally healthy, I have beautiful well-behaved children, a Husband that adores me and gives me the world and family and friends that are always at my side.  I have a life full of love.  And hugs.  And Smiles.

Today is a great day!  🙂