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This really stuck with me today. It can’t express how I feel any better.  It also reminds me of what I need to do in my life. What I think about constantly, but don’t follow through with. That I need to just speak and not walk on eggshells. That I need to do more for myself and what makes me feel good.  

I want to thank, Rachael, a friend on Facebook. One of the very few friends that I have on Facebook, that I have never actually met in person. I adore your drive for life. For peace. For health. For education.  ♥


Food Freak-Out

This commercial freaks me out every time I see it. Scares me really.

When I was at the grocery store today getting some tortilla chips and cereal for my Boys, along with a few other items, I look around freaked out. I bought the  few things I needed, then I only bought Bananas, Grapes and Cuties in the produce area. I didn’t even see a reason to get anything else. I told myself that I would just hit the fruit stand today later on.

What it all comes down to, is that things have really changed since I was a kid. Yeah, the soda and snacks are still around, but the ingredients have changed. It scares me. I also scares me how much more of it all there is. I don’t want to give my children something that I would regret for their health later. Yes, I said regret. I say that, because I don’t believe in regrets for myself, but for my children it would kill me if I wasn’t feeding them healthy enough today and it affected their health later.

It is up to me to teach them right from wrong. Healthy, and non healthy. I most comfortable with beef, chicken and seafood. Along with fresh vegetables and fruit. Rice on occasion. Pasta on occasion too. It’s hard to care for others.

Don’t get me wrong, I still bake with sugar, butter and flower.  I would way rather bake for my children than to buy them junk from the store.  It’s not every day though.  I’m hoping that I can teach them some balance.

I saw this video again today after Super Bowl, because I was in my Weight Watchers account. Logging my 3.7 ounces chicken breast that I just ate for lunch. I clicked on the link and it just struck me.  Hard.  Sometimes I feel like what they eat is so out of my hands, it freaks me out.  Sigh, I just worry about their healthy future.

Just thought I would share my thoughts. 🙂


Chia Seeds For My First Time

Today I added a scoop of Chia Seeds into my water bottle as I was heading to for my days worth of Pop Warner Football Games.

I’ve read a lot about them.  Have friends and family that use them in there daily diet and food preparation.  Wy not me? They are supposed to have over a dozen different health benefits.  Such as, helping with dehydration, boosting energy, stabilizing blood sugar, aiding digestion, and lowering cholesterol. These are just a few that I have read about.

I’m hoping that if I use them regularly that I will see some changes.  If you know of any that I need to be aware of, please post them in the comments area.  Thanks!  🙂


30 Days – Day 25

Day 25 — The Person You know That is Going Through The Worst of Times (3 Days Late)

The first person that came to mind is myself, but after today I really have to say that I have a lot of luck and good Karma on my side.

My Besties Son has regular seizures.  He is only 7.  Surgery is in his future.  He was doing great, then BAM, he is having another bad week.  They live in Alabama now and it kills me that I can’t hug her when she needs it the most and be there for her.

I was talking with a man today, my Attorney, and he was telling me about his Brother that is dying from brain cancer.  He is 30 years old and starting Hospice care this week.  He said that when they found out and though his treatment they prayed for him to get better.  New he says that they  pray for him to be out of pain.

I know 3 women who are going though very sad divorces and the men in their lives are putting the children in between them. The Husbands are saying horrible things about the Mothers putting the children against the Mothers.  Very out of line.  I am very sad mostly for the children.  They will need a lifetime of therapy after all of their lives are settled and all is calm again. The worst thing you can do to children, in my mind, is put them in the middle of your situation… the parents situation.  The children always seem to get hurt the worst.

I got a text today from my Niece telling me that her Father will probably pass today.  He has been in the hospital with Hepatitis C and Liver Cancer… he is only 55.  His Father died last month (her Grandfather) and he was in his late 80’s.

These are to just name of  few of the things that are going on with people who I know.  I feel fortunate that I do have such a wonderful life.  Even in the hardest of times.  🙂


30 Days – Day 12

Day 12 – The Person You Hate Most/Caused You A Lot Of Pain

I can truly say that I don’t hate anyone.  The only person that I can think of that caused me a lot of pain is my Mother.  Not her directly, but her death.  I struggle with it constantly.  I remember all of the wonderful times we had, then kick myself for not learning more about her.  I dream about her, I talk to her, I cry over her, I am sad that she never knew my children and never had a chance to meet my Husband.  I am in pain over her death all of the time and haunted by what she went through up to that time and what I saw and had to go though as well.  This is the only thing that I can say that has truly brought me pain.  I love my Mother and miss her every day.  She died on November 13, 1998 and sometimes it feels like yesterday that I walked into the house and found her dead.  A memory that is hard to forget.  It is said that it gets easier after someone so important to you dies.  Well, it does and it doesn’t. There are good days and bad ones.  Good weeks and not so good weeks.  I can truly say that there are more good ones not then sad ones, but the pain still exists.  I love you Mom!  🙂



Two ticks of the species ixodes holocyclus, pi...

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First off I just say that I am so desensitized from bugs crawling on me.  I snatch them up in my sleep if I feel the slightest bit of crawl on my skin at all.  So gross!

This is our second round of tick issues in the past year.  We have washed the dogs with special shampoo that you are only supposed to use once every 30 days.  We have administered Front Line on all 3 dogs.  The same day we were still picking ticks off of them.

I have the creepy crawlies now and can’t seem to shake it.  My head itches and every time I feel a piece of hair on me, or anything of the sort, I check for a tick.

Time to spray the yard again.  This time we also need to spray inside… even better bomb the shit out of it.  🙂