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Savvy Curls with Kathleen Shelfer

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This really stuck with me today. It can’t express how I feel any better.  It also reminds me of what I need to do in my life. What I think about constantly, but don’t follow through with. That I need to just speak and not walk on eggshells. That I need to do more for myself and what makes me feel good.  

I want to thank, Rachael, a friend on Facebook. One of the very few friends that I have on Facebook, that I have never actually met in person. I adore your drive for life. For peace. For health. For education.  ♥


WordPress A Post A Day/Week #40 ~ Describe Your Last Vacation

Describe Your Last Vacation

Well my last vacation with my family was in June, but I want to tell you about the last “adult” vacation I had.  It was a surprise vacation for me from my Husband for our 10th Wedding Anniversary.  He took me to Cancun.  We stayed at The Royal.  An all-inclusive adult only resort.  It was amazing!

I wanted to back up though that tell you what happened at before we left.  We were to be leaving on Easter Sunday.  The Friday before we went out to dinner with some friends for Indian food.  My stomach was feeling odd before we left.  I thought it was hunger pains. To make a long story short, by the next morning at 4:30 a.m. I had driven myself to the ER.  I was diagnosed with an appendicitis.  A couple of hours later I was in emergency surgery for an appendectomy.  Come Sunday morning, Easter morning, I was recovering in the hospital.  Needless to say, we were not flying out for my surprise Anniversary trip that day. Andrew had to change all of the reservations for a week later.

Our trip started out with a driver picking us up to take us to the airport.  We had cocktails on the plane and a great flight. We laughed, held hands, talked and enjoyed ourselves.

Our shuttle picked us up from the airport. We arrived at the resort and it was just beautiful.  Not too large either.  Just perfect! After registering in a private registration area while drinking champagne we went to our room.  There were rose petals on the bed, champagne on ice, chocolate covered strawberries and other sweets and an amazing view of the ocean.  It couldn’t have been better.

The coolest thing about this trip was that Andrew planned it all and each day was a surprise event.  We would get up in the morning and I would quiz Andrew on what I should be wearing, what I should bring.  Bathing suit, no bathing suit… water shoes… good camera, waterproof camera… things like that.  It was fun and exciting.

One of the days we walked down the road from the resort.  To my surprise we were going scuba diving.  It was my very first time and I got to do 2 dives that day.  It was amazing.  It rained a bit that day too, but it didn’t matter.  I just couldn’t believe that I got to actually dive in the ocean the first day that I learned to dive and with only a very short instruction.  Amazing!!

Since it was an all-inclusive resort we got to enjoy all the wonderful food. There were several restaurants on the premises that we had access too. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner was always a special treat.  Something different each day. Japanese, French-Mexican, as well as several others. Small private dinners with a private Chef. Sharing a table with people from around the world.  It was so cool!

My favorite breakfast of all time.

As you could imagine the sunsets were amazing in Cancun.  I can never resist them.

Each night there was a different show in the central area.  Every one would gather and relax on the comfy couches and chairs.

The pools were beautiful.  Surrounded by in the sand cabanas and lounges.  Relaxing never felt so good. Being able to hang out at the swim-up bar while enjoying the weather. This resort is a must to visit again. The beaches and sea was always calling my name.  We even swam in the rain.  It was coming down so hard it stung my skin at certain times.

On another day we took a cab to the local water park.  Andrew had signed us up to be Dolphin Trainers for the day.  Talk about smart animals.   Wow, these dolphins were so cool.  This is one thing that I would love for my children to do sometime.  We were educated about them.  We swam underwater with them.  We played with them.  What a cool day that was!

The last day we were there I was surprised with a Hummer Jungle Tour.  I got to drive my own hummer while following our guide in his.  Our first stop was to the Mayan Ruins not far from our resort. Our guide gave us a private tour.  I loved listening to his stories. He was well-educated and knew so much about the history of the area. Our next stop was at a cenote.  They are underground caves and natural springs probably a good 30 feet under the ground.  We climbed down the make-shift stairs and ladders.  There were underground docs built.  Stalagmites hung from the ceilings and walls.  The water was crystal clear.  We swam, jumped from the ground floor in to the pool, swung from the zip-line and dropped into the water.  There were hammocks hung over the water and small lanterns to light up the cave.  It was nothing like I have ever seen before.  After swimming we had lunch.  There was a misunderstanding of how long the tour was, so we had to skip the second cenote and the zoo.  Since we had to get to the airport I got to haul ass through the jungle on the way out.  So fun!  What a fantastic trip this day was and the best way to end the most wonderful trip.




One last thing… my gift from Andrew.  A beautiful set of diamonds set in platinum… an Anniversary Ring.  🙂   xo

30 Days – Day 24

Day 24 — The Person That Gave You Your Favorite Memory

9th Wedding Anniversary in our Favorite Town, Jerome





Wow, this is a hard one… I have SO many favorite memories.  How about I just post some pics instead and let them tell the story… I am very lucky and I love my life!!  🙂


I surprised Jennifer for her 31st in Santa Cruz





My Besties 40th Birthday Celebration in Tucson

Valentines Celebration Masquerade Party Jerome 2010

Valentines Day 2010 - Chocolate Lovers Verde Train Ride

Surprise 10th Wedding Anniversary Trip to Cancun April 2010

Surprise 10th Wedding Anniversary Trip to Cancun April 2010

Surprise 10th Wedding Anniversary Trip to Cancun April 2010

Painting in the Backyard Ramada

My Besties 41st @ Gordon Biersch San Tan

Halloween 2010 with my Sweetie

Sex in the City with the Wishbones

Hard Rock Sacramento with the Family

Jennifer's 30th

My Butterfly Tattoo - On 11/13/2009 was the death of my Mother, this Butterfly was done in her memory. I love you Mom! xoxoxo

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Mommy and Pierce Day

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Disney World with All 5 of Our Children

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