Pinterest and Me – A New Beginning



I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Pinterest and how much I like it. I’ve decided to add something fun and new to blog about. Using a “pin” on my Pinterest board and actually blogging about it.

A little background about Pinterest and I. Several years ago my friend, Lisa, sent me a message and told me that I should check out her boards on Pinterest and join myself. I looked it up and, knowing how addicted I can become with catalogs and magazines, I decided against it. Then about a year ago my Bestie, Tracey, brought it to my attention again. Oh boy! So, I thought about it. Long and hard. It took me several months, but then I did it. I joined! Oh boy, the madness had begun. LOL!!

I used to keep all kinds of catalogs and magazines around, turn the pages so they stuck out the top, so I could go back and see what it was that I wanted, or to remember that idea. When I was younger I used to even tear out the pages to keep in idea files that would forever get lost and forgotten about. Needless to say, I am a giant out-of-sight-out-of-mind person. If I can’t see it then it will most likely ALWAYS get forgotten about. This is just how my brain works. I am very, very visual in many ways.

I see Pinterest as a huge magazine, catalog and reference site. I just love it!!! I can’t throw it away like I have done with my catalogs and magazines that come in the mail. Yes, I actually have the recycle can right next to me now when I am going through the mail. I just toss it is and don’t have any more huge piles. It is my method to the madness. That is why I came up with this. At least I will be showing how I have been using some of my pins that I have on all my crazy boards.

Please keep a look out for the future posts… “Pinterest and Me”. 🙂



A Post A Day/Week #44 ~ What Would You Tell Yourself 10 Years Ago?

If you could go back in time and have a 5 minute conversation with yourself ten years ago, what would you say?

I would have told myself to be careful with your weight.  5, 10 pounds… fine!  But!  Don’t let it get out of hand.  Care more about yourself to keep it off.  It will get harder when you are older.  Not just because you ARE older, but because of the things that come along with the changes of being older.  We slow down physically by working more, in my case it was sitting at a desk.  Having children can change hormones.  Creeping up in age our hormones change too.  There is NO getting past it.  Care now, make good choices, make and keep healthy habits. Have a regular routine.  By doing this it won’t be so hard trying to learn one later in life.  Just stay active and care about those extra pounds and just don’t ignore them.  Just do it!  🙂


In My Skin

Why is it always tomorrow?  I need to get back on track for ME!  I am going to make some Vegetable Soup.  Eat my fruits and veggies.  Get my ass on the bike.  Put my tennies on and take a walk.  Do my Yoga. Do my sit-ups and push-ups. Lay in the sun. Read another book.  Take my Juice Plus. Get my BodyBugg fixed. Log my food. Use my Kinect.  Use my KettleBell. Get out of my funk once and for all.  RIGHT!!!  I say it now, but can I do it is the question?  I need a fucking beach to walk on!  🙂


WordPress A Post A Day/Week #13 ~ Why did you start a blog?

Why did you start a blog?

I really struggled at first when I wanted to start blogging.  I didn’t quite understand it, or where the boundaries should be in what you blog about.  I have mentioned that a few times in my blog posts.  I decided to start blogging thinking that maybe it would help me to feel more excited about trying to lose some weight.  Maybe that if I wrote about it, put it out there, stayed honest with the world it would make me care more and have more determination. I did it for a long time.  Since then I have only lost 14 pounds, and then have gained 8 of that back.  Lovely.  Obviously it doesn’t work that well for me, or did it?  During that time that I wasn’t blogging I also wasn’t exercising, or logging what my food intake was.  Hmmmm… so maybe it was helping.  A bit of an Aha! moment here!  Since I have started my blog writing again the past couple of weeks I have dropped 3 pounds and have had more energy.  I haven’t made it back to the gym every day, but I have been up and doing some fun stuff on the Kinect and burning calories that way.  I started logging my food this week.  I put my BodyBugg back on the other day, but it isn’t operating right for some reason.  Hmmm, so, maybe it is good that I blog and maybe it does help me with the original reason why I started?  Cool!  I think it is time to keep it up then, and stay on it. This just may be good for me after all… in more ways then one.  🙂



WordPress Post a Day/Week #6 ~ How do you stay focused?

How do you stay focused?

I think this is an easy one.  You just do it!  I don’t know how easier to say it.  🙂

It’s A New Day In My Skin – Day 153

Weight:  175

Size:  12/13/14

Exercise:  4 different leg machines today and the treadmill for 2 miles.

Today was my first day back to the gym since my 3-Day walk.  It really did feel great.  We started out with working on some leg machines.  My Orthopedic said that I need to strengthen my inner thigh muscles, which will in-turn strengthen my knees.  Sounded good to me.

After the leg machines we got on the bikes… yeah, I only lasted like 5 minutes on the bike, because it was hurting my ass like hell.  Off to the treadmill I went.  2 miles there, then headed home.

On the drive home I kept saying how happy I was that we worked out today.  It really felt great.  I even came home and took a long nap.  One I think that I have needed for the past several days.  Hmmmm… I liked that.

It was a great day!    Now I am off to do my sit-ups.  🙂


It’s A New Day in My Skin – Day 151

Weight:  176

Size:  12/13/14

Exercise:  Sit-ups

I finished the second week of my sit-up program today.  Felling pretty good.  Not much else in the exercise department today.

I just can’t believe that I have only lost 13 pounds in 5 months, well really, over 5 months.  So much up and down.  What the hell is the matter with my determination?!  I just can’t seem to keep to a goal for myself.  Crazy!

Anyway, I felt good today.  I got into a pair of my 12 jeans with no problem.  Not that I am going to fit into all my 12 jeans, because it just doesn’t work that way.  I also wore a top today and another last night that haven’t fit me well in a while and they are now just about perfect.  Another good feeling!

I am still eating my soup.  I had a little bit of chicken today, but not much.  It just tasted soooo good.  I like my own cooking way too much.  That isn’t always a good thing.  Ha!

Well, I am crossing my fingers and crossing my toes that I can hit 175 in the next 2 days.  That would be fabulous!!  🙂