Pinterest and Me – A New Beginning



I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Pinterest and how much I like it. I’ve decided to add something fun and new to blog about. Using a “pin” on my Pinterest board and actually blogging about it.

A little background about Pinterest and I. Several years ago my friend, Lisa, sent me a message and told me that I should check out her boards on Pinterest and join myself. I looked it up and, knowing how addicted I can become with catalogs and magazines, I decided against it. Then about a year ago my Bestie, Tracey, brought it to my attention again. Oh boy! So, I thought about it. Long and hard. It took me several months, but then I did it. I joined! Oh boy, the madness had begun. LOL!!

I used to keep all kinds of catalogs and magazines around, turn the pages so they stuck out the top, so I could go back and see what it was that I wanted, or to remember that idea. When I was younger I used to even tear out the pages to keep in idea files that would forever get lost and forgotten about. Needless to say, I am a giant out-of-sight-out-of-mind person. If I can’t see it then it will most likely ALWAYS get forgotten about. This is just how my brain works. I am very, very visual in many ways.

I see Pinterest as a huge magazine, catalog and reference site. I just love it!!! I can’t throw it away like I have done with my catalogs and magazines that come in the mail. Yes, I actually have the recycle can right next to me now when I am going through the mail. I just toss it is and don’t have any more huge piles. It is my method to the madness. That is why I came up with this. At least I will be showing how I have been using some of my pins that I have on all my crazy boards.

Please keep a look out for the future posts… “Pinterest and Me”. ūüôā



A Post A Day/Week #44 ~ What Would You Tell Yourself 10 Years Ago?

If you could go back in time and have a 5 minute conversation with yourself ten years ago, what would you say?

I would have told myself to be careful with your weight. ¬†5, 10 pounds… fine! ¬†But! ¬†Don’t let it get out of hand. ¬†Care more about yourself to keep it off. ¬†It will get harder when you are older. ¬†Not just because you ARE older, but because of the things that come along with the changes of being older. ¬†We slow down physically by working more, in my case it was sitting at a desk. ¬†Having children can change hormones. ¬†Creeping up in age our hormones change too. ¬†There is NO getting past it. ¬†Care now, make good choices, make and keep healthy habits. Have a regular routine. ¬†By doing this it won’t be so hard trying to learn one later in life. ¬†Just stay active and care about those extra pounds and just don’t ignore them. ¬†Just do it! ¬†ūüôā


In My Skin

Why is it always tomorrow? ¬†I need to get back on track for ME! ¬†I am going to make some Vegetable Soup. ¬†Eat my fruits and veggies. ¬†Get my ass on the bike. ¬†Put my tennies on and take a walk. ¬†Do my Yoga. Do my sit-ups and push-ups. Lay in the sun. Read another book. ¬†Take my Juice Plus. Get my BodyBugg fixed. Log my food. Use my Kinect. ¬†Use my KettleBell. Get out of my funk once and for all. ¬†RIGHT!!! ¬†I say it now, but can I do it is the question? ¬†I need a fucking beach to walk on! ¬†ūüôā


WordPress A Post A Day/Week #13 ~ Why did you start a blog?

Why did you start a blog?

I really struggled at first when I wanted to start blogging. ¬†I didn’t quite understand it, or where the boundaries should be in what you blog about. ¬†I have mentioned that a few times in my blog posts. ¬†I decided to start blogging thinking that maybe it would help me to feel more excited about trying to lose some weight. ¬†Maybe that if I wrote about it, put it out there, stayed honest with the world it would make me care more and have more determination. I did it for a long time. ¬†Since then I have only lost 14 pounds, and then have gained 8 of that back. ¬†Lovely. ¬†Obviously it doesn’t work that well for me, or did it? ¬†During that time that I wasn’t blogging I also wasn’t exercising, or logging what my food intake was. ¬†Hmmmm… so maybe it was helping. ¬†A bit of an Aha! moment here! ¬†Since I have started my blog writing again the past couple of weeks I have dropped 3 pounds and have had more energy. ¬†I haven’t made it back to the gym every day, but I have been up and doing some fun stuff on the Kinect and burning calories that way. ¬†I started logging my food this week. ¬†I put my BodyBugg back on the other day, but it isn’t operating right for some reason. ¬†Hmmm, so, maybe it is good that I blog and maybe it does help me with the original reason why I started? ¬†Cool! ¬†I think it is time to keep it up then, and stay on it. This just may be good for me after all… in more ways then one. ¬†ūüôā



WordPress Post a Day/Week #6 ~ How do you stay focused?

How do you stay focused?

I think this is an easy one. ¬†You just do it! ¬†I don’t know how easier to say it. ¬†ūüôā

It’s A New Day In My Skin – Day 153

Weight:  175

Size:  12/13/14

Exercise:  4 different leg machines today and the treadmill for 2 miles.

Today was my first day back to the gym since my 3-Day walk.  It really did feel great.  We started out with working on some leg machines.  My Orthopedic said that I need to strengthen my inner thigh muscles, which will in-turn strengthen my knees.  Sounded good to me.

After the leg machines we got on the bikes… yeah, I only lasted like 5 minutes on the bike, because it was hurting my ass like hell. ¬†Off to the treadmill I went. ¬†2 miles there, then headed home.

On the drive home I kept saying how happy I was that we worked out today. ¬†It really felt great. ¬†I even came home and took a long nap. ¬†One I think that I have needed for the past several days. ¬†Hmmmm… I liked that.

It was a great day! ¬† ¬†Now I am off to do my sit-ups. ¬†ūüôā


It’s A New Day in My Skin – Day 151

Weight:  176

Size:  12/13/14

Exercise:  Sit-ups

I finished the second week of my sit-up program today.  Felling pretty good.  Not much else in the exercise department today.

I just can’t believe that I have only lost 13 pounds in 5 months, well really, over 5 months. ¬†So much up and down. ¬†What the hell is the matter with my determination?! ¬†I just can’t seem to keep to a goal for myself. ¬†Crazy!

Anyway, I felt good today. ¬†I got into a pair of my 12 jeans with no problem. ¬†Not that I am going to fit into all my 12 jeans, because it just doesn’t work that way. ¬†I also wore a top today and another last night that haven’t fit me well in a while and they are now just about perfect. ¬†Another good feeling!

I am still eating my soup. ¬†I had a little bit of chicken today, but not much. ¬†It just tasted soooo good. ¬†I like my own cooking way too much. ¬†That isn’t always a good thing. ¬†Ha!

Well, I am crossing my fingers and crossing my toes that I can hit 175 in the next 2 days. ¬†That would be fabulous!! ¬†ūüôā