Watching ‘Twilight”

img_4226I’m sitting here watching Twilight and writing a rough draft for my new jobs blog on my laptop. As I sit here I remember how much I loved reading the Twilight series. They were engaging, descriptive and I loved reading them. Watching the movie again reminds me of how much it pissed me off the first time I watched it. There is so much inner dialogue of thoughts from the characters in the book and it just didn’t carry over into the movie. I was so disappointed. I felt like if you hadn’t read the books you would wonder what the hell Edward is doing, why is he acting that way? Why is he making all of those weird faces? They didn’t use the writers inner dialogue from the books when casting Edward’s character well enough. They voice Bella’s inner voice (her thoughts) out loud, but not Edward’s and it drove me crazy. It is driving me crazy now. Haha! Thank goodness they changed this in the future movies.

I do have to say, I still love this series though. It is so fun to watch them again all of these years later. Seeing them all so young, beautiful and sexy. Innocent. Maybe I need to pick up the books again one day.  🙂


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