My Last Baby to Become a Teen

It’s official. My youngest is officially a teenager. He turned 13 yesterday. He was so sweet all day. Just wanted to hang out at home with his family.

I woke up early and made cinnamon strudel muffins for an easy birthday breakfast. We all sat around the table and laughed and enjoyed some family time and opened gifts. He simply asked for some new shorts. I also got him a pair of ear buds and his Daddy got him a game he likes for his computer. I made him chicken fettucine alfredo for dinner and a homemade birthday cake.

The teen years can turn your child into a whole different person. I’ve watched it happen with each of my other 3 boys. I am hoping this ones sweetness doesn’t go away when that happens.

It was a fantastic day all around. I’m feeling happy and can’t believe that I didn’t even shed a tear. It must have been all of those sweet hugs he kept giving me all day. I’m sure that didn’t hurt. 🙂


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