Switched At Birth

I just finished the series, Switched At Birth. What a great show. It touched on so many topics that are all around us each and ever day. Love, Family, Boundaries, Racism, teenage angst, relationship issues, being independent, stepping out of your comfort zone, helping others, fighting for what you believe in, Honesty, ASL, Communication, loving unconditionally, Trust, diverse backgrounds, Betrayal, Kindness, sexual abuse, gambling addiction, freedom of speech, making mistakes, standing up for what you believe in, Travel, Cheating, self-lying, teenage pregnancy, relationships with age difference, exploring other countries, teenage sex, self-love, midlife crisis, Poverty, Wealth, Art of all kinds, Forgiveness, Disabilities, Alcoholism, Marriage, deaf community, drug addiction, giving unconditionally, and so much more.

I highly recommend it. đŸ™‚


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