Just when you think all is well, there is always something that stirs the pot. 

As a Mother, I just want everything to be done. To be happy. To go smoothly. 


A deadline missed. An email from the teacher. Another dinner on the calendar. Another assignment missed. Another headache. Another dirty look. Another conference. Another tear. 

I’m tired. I am emotionally drained. 

I just want it all to fix itself sometimes and that never works though. It’s my job to be the fixer. The pest. The alarm clock. The calendar. The to-to List. The bad guy. The middle-man. The broken record. The target. 

I want to be the hugger. The smiler. The laugher. The one to make you happy. 

This Mother is tired and off to try and sleep.  At least going to try and watch something until I fall asleep. 

Good night friends. 😀


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