Archive | May 2017


Sometimes I see something on the television that just wrecks me. The tears are flowing and won’t stop. It really makes me think though. It also reminds me how hard death affects us. Today it made me think about love. How much you love someone. How deeply. How much you yearn for them. How they are so much a part of your world and the love you feel, that when they are gone a piece of you goes with them. To feel that passion in your life must be a priority for us all. I want to always feel that intensity. Needed. Looked at from across the room with so much love and desire you can feel the heat rise up through your body. Love so deep. 😀



I catch myself holding my breathe. Shallow breathes. Uneven breathes. While sitting watching tv. While in my car. Relaxing to go to bed at night. It’s odd. Especially when I catch myself. Just holding on. 😀



I may be intense will my feelings, thoughts and how I speak. I am full of fire, love, compassion and worry, all in one big bundle. I want everything to be right in every way, for everyone. Sometimes I just want to shake people and tell them to do the right thing. Sometimes I overwhelm people. I am honest. I am not a fool. I give the benefit of the doubt. I am also a fact and truth seeker. I wear my heat on my sleeve. I want to smile, all the time. I want to hug, everyone. I don’t like uncomfortableness. I don’t like deceit and lies. I need truth and calm all the time. I thrive on words. Conversations. Feeling close. I thrive on love. Love from every person I know and meet. 😀