Home Based Business

I’ve recently started working again. I’ve done a little this and that over the years, but really having just focused on one thing and really strived to make it great.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been educating myself. Researching. Following guidelines. Getting mentored. Making connections and so much more. 
Being home with my family is my priority. No one will change that decision for me. 

It’s really hard to work on your own. It’s  really hard to not feel defeated. It’s really hard to make those contacts and have people take you seriously and to trust in you. To not feel like you are burdening them, or tricking them into something. I feel like if someone knows me they would trust in me. Know that what I am doing is great and something I believe in. Something that I trust. A business that I trust in. 

On that note, today I will not feel defeated. I will keep moving forward. Find clients that believe in this company and their products as I do. Those that want a healthier home. Those that want to lead healthier lives. Those that want to save money and shop easy and at any time they like. 

This is going to be great and I will keep moving forward. Even on those hard days. I will find the real trust support. In return, I will see the smiles on their faces. That will be my reward. 😀


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