To the man holding a sign, standing on the road divider, in the middle of the road, asking for money…

If you know me, you know that I am kind hearted. I don’t think that I could exist without  helping people. I give in so many ways. I could write a list two miles long. Well, today I saw a man standing on the road divider while I was driving through the stop light. Standing with his cardboard sign asking for money. Well, today I had an overwhelming desire to yell, “get a fucking job!” There, I’m not perfect. I’m not a saint. I’m just me. Having a negative thought crossing my mind. Maybe it sounds mean, but geeze, people stand everywhere asking for money these days. It IS their job. It’s crazy. Gone are the days when you can tell if someone really needs help, or not. It sucks. It sucks for us caring and loving types that always want to help. It also takes away from those that may truly need it. It irritates me. Obviously. 🙂


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