Random Pillow Thoughts

As I am changing the sheets and bedding on my bed (yes I have two sets, because it takes me so long to get laundry done, I don’t want my bed without that long) and putting it all back together, I am thinking about the movie “Along Came Polly”.  The scene when they are taking all the pillows off of his bed and discussing all of the extra pillows that “make the bed look nice.”  I just have to say… I fucking love all the extra pillows on my bed.  How comfy they are when I lay on them.  How nice they make my bed look.  All complete like.  On the other had, I wish I had a spot to put them all like he did.  I just put them to the side.  Also, I’m thinking how fun it would be to mutilate them all with a big kitchen knife, like in the movie.  Hahaha!!  Yep, just a few random pillow thoughts today.  🙂


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