Road Trip with #4… Day 2

1 Tunnel     42 Bridges     Dozens of Elk     1 Wild Horse

Wow, what another great day.  Day 2 was fantastic.  I can say that I wish that we had more time to explore, than make every stop a quick whirlwind and then back on the road, but I will remember that for next time.  Reed said that he has been perfectly happy.  That’s what is important to me.

We started our day with searching a couple different beaches for Sea Glass.  We finally made it to the right one that had tons, but ran out of time to actually climb down to it.  We gathered a little bit while we did explore though.  We were thinking that maybe we need to make this a stop on the way back as well.  We shall see.10268569_10152107279316935_6086944769337552087_n 1005794_10152107327726935_5973495628408471820_n 10273529_10152107383221935_3831557003135718186_n 10312568_10152107371496935_5689934706299984826_n 10372327_10152107351121935_739999539207543184_n


We then made our way to the Drive Thru Tree.  How cool is this!!10296606_10152107649266935_2731571574197284926_n 10325629_10152107651401935_3852702342246104477_n 10365834_10152107662241935_3690361825247140117_n 10264491_10152107668646935_4322988113640262631_n


I remember stopping and camping when I was young at Richardson Grove.  I stopped for gas today and looked over and look where I was!!  The last time I was here is when I came to Reggae on the River in my 20’s.  What great memories I have throughout my life.



Next stop was the Trees of mystery.  We didn’t get to explore like I had planned, but we will for sure later this summer. 10325160_10152108420496935_8749887203024461466_n 10367605_10152108035796935_7154897331421711818_n 10295682_10152108036296935_7527998157972849539_n 10351687_10152108172916935_542601952566551396_n


Quite unexpectedly and soooo happy to my surprise, we came across the Elk.  I remember stopping to see them every year on our way to Winchester Bay Oregon.  Wow, what a trip!  So beautiful!10363963_10152108421916935_4046650009346461885_n 1969396_10152108422226935_6375191091996632837_n


After another long day in the car, we made it to our final destination.  The Out n’ About Treesort in Oregon.  WOW!!!  This place is soooo amazing.  We don’t even want to leave tomorrow.  This place is for sure a return visit kind of place.

Reed was making friends.  Swinging on the ropes swing.  We all sat around the camp fire and so much more.  Can’t wait to explore tomorrow.

We are sleeping in the Swiss Family Treehouse tonight.  This is a photo of our whole unit, both buildings, with the walking bridge between.  We are sleeping in the main treehouse on the left.  The one on the right is a kids room with chalkboard on the walls, table and chairs and a bunk bed.  This.  Is.  Awesome!

1393513_10152108127071935_2193516673708362617_n 10313837_10152108253771935_5396579844959764869_n

Well, Reed finally passed out about 10:30.  I know I didn’t tell too much detail about our trip today, but I’m tired and we have zip lining scheduled for 9:00 a.m.  It’s been a great day.

Time to climb out of my treehouse and make one last trip before I pee my pants.  Haha!  🙂 xo

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