Road Trip with #4… Day 1

3 Tunnels      20 Bridges     1 Deer     2 Wild Horses

I had been trying to figure out what my youngest Son and I were going to do while my Husband and three oldest Boys were on their Annual Shelfer Fishing Trip in Florida.  Originally, I was trying to go to New Hampshire to see some great long time friends.  After researching tickets for several weeks, I found that the tickets were so expensive at this time.  I couldn’t find anything less than $750.  Times that by two, plus car rental, food, etc.  I just wasn’t up for spending that at this time.  So, I decided on a road trip along the Highway 1 instead.

Our morning started with packing the rest of our things and getting it all into the car.  I like to be organized.  Have things in  my reach while driving.  Easy access to food, pillow, etc., for Reed.  I don’t like to be distracted while driving, or having to pull over all the time.  We got it packed perfectly.

I was on the road at 8:48 a.m.  My goal was before 9, so I was super happy.  I figured with stops, it would be about an 8-hour day.  I was right.

It was just gorgeous today.  We got in the car, with the top down and took off.  We ate breakfast on the way.  Strawberries to start for me and chili-lime chips for him.  Happy, happy!

The weather was just perfect!  It was crazy watching it change in some spots from 58 to 79 within 5 minutes.  Up and down it went for about a half hour.  It was so strange.  Cool though.

Our first stop was the Pigeon Point Light house.  It stopped working in 2002, I believe it was.  It is an absolutely gorgeous spot though.  Reed and I got out and walked around.  Talked about the lighthouse, took some photos and talked about the caves underneath us.

I love that Reed was so fascinated with the lighthouse.  I hope we have time to stop at one, or more tomorrow.  Driving along Highway 1 is beautiful, but definitely the slower way to go.

My highlight at Pigeon Point was when Reed looked down over one of the cliffs and said, “This is where the mermaids and merman live.”  He is so cool!  I totally agreed with him.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeon Point

Pigeon Point

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

"This is where the mermaids and merman live." Reed

Pigeon Point “This is where the mermaids and merman live.” Reed


We kept cruising along and enjoying the beautiful views.  Reed started dozing once I made it to San Francisco.  The one time I decided to use Siri and she takes me in a circle and I got stuck in traffic and completely missed the part of Lombard Street that I wanted to take him too.  He was completely out, so I didn’t even bother.  I just enjoyed my drive any way.

I love the City.  An even better experience driving through with the top down in the car.  The architecture, the people, the colors, the smell… I love it all.  It makes me realize how much I miss it every time I drive through.  It also makes me realize that I will never live there again.  I feel so fortunate that I was able to when I did.  San Francisco will always be in my memories and my heart.  I am just so happy to be back in California to be able to visit the City when ever I want.  Good stuff!

San Francisco


Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge was so fun.  I couldn’t believe how packed it was.  People every where.  Driving over, walking over, taking photos, riding bikes, on tour busses.  It never seems to lose its amazingness.

Several hours later Reed woke up and we stopped for lunch in …  We split a Burger and fries.  Reed said the burger was amazing.  Well, they did advertise that they had the best burgers around.  He had a super happy, full belly and I was excited to have someone to share lunch with, so I could stay on track with my points.Estero Cafe, Valley Ford, CA

Sharing Lunch

Sharing Lunch


Later we stopped to just admire the view.  I remember my Mother talking about loving Jenner.  I don’t remember exactly what she had talked about, but I know that she did.  I’ll have to ask my Father about Jenner, CA, when I get home.

Jenner, CA


Before we headed to our hotel, we wanted to make one quick stop to see what the Pygmy Forest was all about.  As we were driving down the road to find it we saw two beautiful huge horses running down the road.  They looked wild.  They also looked like they were playing and having fun.  I was able to grab a quick video since we were going to slow on the back road.  Wish I was able to get more footage of them.  They were so majestic.  They ran into someones yard.  What beautiful animals to have.  

We finally made it to our hotel… the Glass Beach Inn.  It is super cute.  Our room is amazing.  Nancy, the In-keeper, showed us the Schooner Room to make sure it was to our liking.  How could it not be?  After walking through the rest of the house with all the room doors open, it was obviously the best choice for us.

Coolest Hanging bed ever!

Coolest Hanging bed ever!

The Schooner Room

The Schooner Room


We got checked in and we drug out things up the long staircase.  It was time to find some dinner.  Sushi was suggested by Reed, so we asked Nancy.  She suggested Off the Hook Sushi.  Said she had heard that it was really great.

We got changed and walked over.  Walking felt so good after todays drive.  Jumping cracks in the sidewalk was even more fun while walking over.  I love laughing and having fun with Reed.

Dinner was average.  Reed is a sushi expert.  So cute!Reed and I at Off the Hook for Dinner

Sharing Dinner

Sharing Dinner


While walking to and from the restaurant tonight we passed by the wonderful little art gallery.  This was one of the pieces in the window.  Reed and I were both mesmerized.  Yes, it’s made of glass.  Just love it.Cool Glass Merman Clothing


After dinner came Reed’s 30 minutes of reading and I started to blog and upload a video.  I suck at uploading videos.  I need to practice that more.  Actually, I just need to use this computer more.  It is brand new!

Well, I’m done with typing and Reed is done with me having the computer on.  Nighty-night all.  Until tomorrow. 🙂


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