Yoga-Fusion Just Isn’t My Thing

I joined the gym last week.  I wanted to just join Bikram, but the gym is closer.  For now it will have to do.  Anyway, I thought I would check out this mornings Yoga class.  Ug!  After the first 10 minutes I wanted to run out of there.

She started with welcoming everyone to “Yoga-Fusion” and introducing with her name.  Right there I knew I was in trouble.  I don’t know why I always do this to myself.  I go in there thinking, this is going to be so great!  Errrrrr!!!  Not so much!

When I go to Yoga I expect breathing, great poses, holding poses, etc.  You know, the norm.  Not a class that is so fast that you can’t even get all the way into the pose, especially if it is something new, or as for me today, so stiff and not haven’t been for several months. 

I really thought about walking out like 10 times.  I tried so hard to just calm myself, but I couldn’t stand it.  Obviously, I won’t be going back.

I’m obviously feeling disappointed in the class and in myself for being such a fool, again.  Come February, I am getting my shit back on track with what is convenient for me, not what I feel is convenient for those driving me.  I need to get my life back on track for me.  It has been way too long and I can’t wait!  🙂


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