Thoughts for a Tuesday…

Working out sucks.
I miss buying shoes.
I love my children more than life.
I need to clean out the Barn.
The breeze coming in through the windows right now, feels delicious on my body.
I want sex 4 times a day.
The grass is so beautiful and green.
It broke my heart when my 13-year-old came to me crying out of “feeling so alone” last night.
Geeze, do I have to clean this house today.?
The cats love it here.
I can’t believe it’s October 1st.
Trying to lose weight is the longest thing to do, ever.
4 1/2 more months.
I wonder where all the Halloween stuff is?
I love how quiet it is.
Need to figure out how to swing buying a house.
I need water. 🙂

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