Yes, I am going to rant today.  Not something I’ve done in a while, but sometimes I need to get this shit off my chest.

Cleaning up dog shit that someone else tracked all though the house, because they can’t look down when walking.  Not noticing a smell, a smudge, an awkward walk in their shoes, because the shit is so think on their shoe.  What the hell!

My children not cleaning their room properly and though they say they clean it, they still can’t find anything.  This may sound simple, but it is irritating.  Why, well not because the room is a mess with clothing all over the floor, but because I can’t stand having to look for something.  Everything has its place.  Just put it there!

I went to use the vacuum after I cleaned up all the dog shit and noticed there was dust all around the edges of the room.  Guess what?  My vacuum is broke.  Argh!  Why can’t someone just tell me, or go and buy another damn vacuum.  No excuses, just do it!

Since we moved into this house in May we have been stuck with a  PG&E bill that is $500+ a month.  Why?  That is what I have been trying to figure out for almost 5 months now.  Who has to pay the bill?  Us.  How much should our bill be?  Half that amount, or less.  We had PG&E come out, a plumber and an electrician.  Still nothing has been done.  They report back to the Property Manager each time.  There seems to be a change in progress, then nothing.  No new water heater yet.  Hot water coming out of the hot and the cold into the washer machine.  We have to shut off our fuses when not using them.  Etc., etc.  Who is still suffering and paying an exorbitant bill?  We are.  I’m irritated that it is taking hold of our extra money we need to stay sane.  I can’t wait to get out of this house because of it!  I will be out over $6,000 in electricity bills in just 12 months.  That is insane for a house like this!

When someone uses the ice maker and ice floes over and drops on the floor, why wouldn’t you pick it up?  Lazy, that’s why!

Okay, I actually feel better after ranting a bit.  Sorry for the crappy post, but it has seemed to help me to write about it.

Time to go and help with homework.  🙂


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