Today is my Fathers 78th Birthday, September 19th.Image

Today I kissed everyone in my home, yes, all 6 of them.

Today while I watched the full moon set, from my bed early this morning.

Today I working out an issue for my oldest Son.

Today I am sick, but feel so thankful at the same time that I am a healthy human.

Today I put behind me that my dog got pregnant, and look forward to her being fat and happy with her new puppies in 2 months.

Today I will set up a girls night out, because I know it is what is going to make me so happy.

Today I will enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

I am thankful for all of the love that surrounds me and that I am feeling in my heart… today I will love completely… today I will smile… today I will look forward to many more today’s.  🙂


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