Ticks in Arizona, I Would Have Never Thought


English: Deer Tick life cycle diagram

English: Deer Tick life cycle diagram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My dogs are either loving me, or despising me right now. I just doused the 3 of them with flee and tick spray and rubbed it in good. After picking several off of two of them first, of course.


Yesterday I had to tear my bedroom apart, the animals sleep in my room, to kill yet more ticks and also eggs that I found.  Spraying alcohol everywhere. Vacuuming the room and around the edges. My next thing is to get some salt and treat all of the carpets.  What a pain in the ass!



I would have never thought a few ticks would turn into an in-home infestation. It’s insane! Anything I can do to get rid of them though I will.


My father has sprayed the yard for me twice this past month and they still aren’t gone.


The ticks are a bit different here than in California, which I am thankful for though.  They don’t burrow themselves into the animals for some reason, which makes them easier to remove. Just grab them and they come right off.


I am hoping after a good week of daily diligence, they will disappear. 🙂




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