Being Grateful… Post #2

This is the second day that my #3 Son was complaining about going to school. “Math is too easy. For General Music yesterday we just sat in the library, I didn’t even meet my Music teacher.  You could teach me at home and I would do all the work you wanted. I wish I could sleep in.  I was tired the first morning of school and we had a vocabulary test and I didn’t know that it would affect the books I could read, because it put me at a different level.  I want to read werewolf books, not these lower level books.  My throat hurts. I have a nasty taste in my mouth when I swallow.  I want to be home with you.  You could home-school me, it would be much better than going to school.”  Tears two days in a row. His sayings went on-and-on.

Do I feel terrible?  Yes. Am I giving in?  No. I told him that I would love to have him home with me every day. It is important that he goes to school though. He needs the socialization, interactions, learning experiences, etc.  I told him that he has a fantastic teacher.  He agreed.

Days like these I wish I could just keep him home. He has done this to me his whole life.  It makes me feel bad, but I work hard to be strong. I honestly don’t think that I could do it. I don’t know if that is terrible, or not.

As he and I sat on the couch chatting this morning.  Him crying, me hugging him and talking quietly, I asked him to do me a favor.  To write down what he is grateful for in his journal today that he keeps with him. I told him that it might make him feel better and realize that he has many wonderful things in his life. Especially on the harder days. He said he would try to remember to do it if he had time. I hope that he did and comes home to show me.  I think putting the positive in front of all the negative that he is feeling would boost his spirits tremendously. 

Today I am grateful for…


My wonderful Father


🙂  xo

One thought on “Being Grateful… Post #2

  1. I can totally relate….My youngest is 12 and all his life he has had issues with going to school, it’s been a few years since his last complaint but before that it was sheer hell!! All I can say is that it DOSE get better! Hang in there!
    Maybe he needs a buddy in his class?? if he’s shy, you could talk to the teacher who could assign him to someone. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Being a parent is so stinking hard!

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