Pinterest and Me – Homemade Frosty


I came accross something else fun on Pinterest this last week. Easy Chocolate Homemade Ice Cream. Eventhough I think that it tasted more like a Frosty from Wendy’s. It was so easy!

I have a Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker.  It is wonderful and my Boys just love it!  Well, my Father and Husband do too. 🙂

Last Thursday I started to get the ingredients together and made it that night…  Evaporated Milk, Chocolate Milk, and Cool Whip.  Easy-Pesy right? Right! I only used one carton of Chocolate milk though.  I couldn’t fit more.  Next time I would probably use less Evaporated Milk too, to even out the ratio.

I ended up serving 8 of us with just these ingredients.  Make it and enjoy!

I must add that I also made fresh whipped cream.  It was a must.  A carton of Heavy Whipping Cream. Whip it up with a beater and add a little sugar (or Splenda, they will never know).  Perfection! A Cherry on top for those who love that too.  I know some of mine do.  🙂



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