Some days I really want to paint. Lately I haven’t.  Actually, not in several, several months.

I started painting, because I thought I would try another artistic outlet for myself since I am not good at any other artsy things. Every time I do paint, it is like I am learning all over again. It is different every time and I love it.  It relaxes me. Focuses me. Brings me calm.


I have the images in my mind, but as that image goes through me and down my arm and out my hand with an art utensil of any kind, it usually looks like a kindergartener did it.  Seriously!

Some days I think of selling some of my paintings.  Well, the ones that I actually don’t hide in the closet, which is most of them.  I do show them to friends when asked. I mostly just give them to friends as gifts.  If someone likes one, it is usually going home under their arm.


I do have a couple that I really liked, and those went to special people in my lives.  If they hate them, I guess they can hide them in their closet too.  LOL!

My Husband has had a request in for some time now of an Arizona stormy sunset. I have several photos, just haven’t tried it yet. I’ve never really taken the clouds on and they seem a bit intimidating.  I really need to do it just for him.

Sometimes I paint something, because it reminds me of someone.  Like sunflowers remind me of my Niece, Jennifer.

I thought that I would share some of my paintings today. They are all oil on canvas.  Some you may like and others you may not.  Same as me.  I am my own worst critic. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Painting

  1. I love my beautiful rose painting! It hasn’t made it on my bedroom wall, since nothing has made it onto my bedroom wall yet, but it’s not in the closet. Merely on the floor propped against the wall waiting for us to realize we are never going to get around to doing what we planned in the room & need to just put up what we have. BUT, I love it!

    • Tracey,

      I am so happy you love it. It was one of my first paintings that I ever really liked. I am glad that I chose to give it to you to forever remember me, as your going away gift. I wanted you to have something that shows how much I love and care about you and will and have missed you. One day I hope that you life is calm once again, your walls are filled with art just the way you wanted it and life is easy and happy. I love you Best Friend! xo

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