Pinterest and Me – The Orange Candle

Yesterday afternoon I gathered my Boys around the kitchen table.  I decided it was time for a little experiment time together.  I had one of them grab an orange (we were out of Cuties) and my oldest grabbed a knife.  I grabbed the olive oil and the cutting board.  We also grabbed the camera.

We set forth to do a cute little idea I had found on Pinterest and have filed under my board called ‘Random Shit’.  Yes, something that I need to sort through and most likely make some individual boards for those items as well.  Anyway, the “Pin” was called How To Make a Clementine Candle.

First we cut around the peel of the orange in a circle.  Just below the skin as seen here.

After cutting around the orange in a circle, I was then instructed to peel under the skin of the orange with my finger, or thumb, to release the skin from the fruit.  This was a bit harder, but very doable.  Once this was finished I set the orange aside and my 6-year-old was like…  If you don’t need this I will just go ahead and eat it.  He is adorable.  Hey, it’s a healthy snack and fun project in one!

Once we separated both sides of the orange, the top and bottom, I realized a couple of important facts.  The “top” was the harder part and was more difficult to detach. If you make a little hole in it, don’t sweat it.  It is going to get cut into the design you like anyway.  It is the air hole area where the heat and smoke release from.  A hole is a good thing.  The “bottom” is the piece that you want to try to keep the  longest piece of middle core that you can.  This is your wick.  Mine was very short.  I am going to make another one today and make sure that as I am peeling that section, as I go to pull it away from the inner fruit itself I will pull to a longer piece of the middle core, so that I have a long wick.  The candle will last much longer this way.

Once you have your bottom section ready you then fill it about 1/4 of the way.  I find it important to pour the olive oil directly over the wick while doing this, that way you are saturating the center of the orange and the part that you will be lighting.

My Boys and I just did a random cutting of the top of the orange as you can see.  They said it look like a dog’s head.  They were happy with that.  It’s fun for them to have a project to do, since we haven’t done any this Summer.  I love their imaginations.

After you have let the olive oil sit for a few minutes to soak into the wick, you can then light it. Add the top and watch it glow!

The aroma aspect is also wonderful.  The room smells of oranges.  It is a wonderful all natural alternative to candles.

My Boys and I had a great time with this project and we will be sure to be doing it again today and in the future.  🙂


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