Last night…

Last night I had a dream that I was in a contest.  A singing contest of some kind with 2 other people. I won a car. An SUV of some kind. The next night I went back to try and win another car.  I was getting dressed. For some reason you had to have on the right clothing as well to woo the crowd.  They gave the winning vote by their applause.  Nothing seemed to fit right. Too big. Too small. I finally just decided on something that would do. I was late. I missed my chance. Then all of a sudden Prince was performing right in front of me.  I started dancing all around. Next thing I knew we were talking, sitting, he was holding my hand sweetly while saying something I can’t remember.  His Wife walked up.  I then stood, she then took my hand, I hugged her. She was beautiful.  I told her that I missed my chance to sing tonight.  The next thing I know I was being pushed in front of the crowd.  It was my turn. The DJ started to play Lady GaGa’s song for me to sing.  All I could think about was sounding terrible, because I am so congested and sick.  I sang.  The music was too slow. I eyed the DJ and he sped it up.  The crowd roared with applause.  Then I woke up… hoping that I won the second car.  Not that I could drive either one right now. Also remembering how beautiful and sweet Prince and his Wife were. Also, how cool my outfit was, even though my back zipper was undone the whole time.  😉


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