Weight Update…

Starting Weight with Weight Watchers:  185

Highest Weight:  189

Weight Today:  171.3

Total WW Loss:  13.7

Total Loss Overall:  17.7

To Goal:  36.3

Since December 2011 I have done… 1 12k, 1 5k and 3 5k mud runs.  I walk most of the way, but get it done.  I have a blast with my friends and my family has joined in too!

I started the 100 push-up program again last week.  Started second week last night! Woo hoo!!  Now if I can just stick to it.

My weight-loss progress has been slow since January, but I am still tooling along. Still losing is what is important.

Last week I was pretty frustrated, but I used that energy and am moving forward this week.  One foot in front of the other!

I am only down .1 this week from last Sunday’s weigh-in and that can change at any moment.  Last week killed me. Salt, sodium and fried fatty foods are not my friends. I am sure glad that I don’t eat them that often, but last week I let them get to me and it pissed me off! Especially when I was at an all time low. Such an idiot!

Today is going to be a great day!  🙂


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