I spent some time with a great friend today.  She informed me just yesterday that she has been writing for the past year.  I was so amazed to hear about it and so proud of her.  I can’t wait to sit down tonight and read some of what she has been doing.

During lunch we talked about how she has encouraged me to write in the past.  Not just this piddly (is piddly even a word?) crap that I blog about, but write a book, and or short stories.  I told her again today that I have never been a story writer, but more of a story-teller.  She said EXACTLY!  I also told her the problem that I have always have is that I remember bits and pieces of these fun times, but not in their entirety.  I was telling her that I need to start the story, come with the idea and she can help with the finishing and help fill it in.  I could do it with her.  We laughed with hard thoughtful eyes and kept talking about different ideas.  She said that everyone should write and I agree.  One of these days I will try something a little different.

Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be great at keeping up with things.  I know that I have mentioned this many times in this blog… with weight loss… exercise… personal goals.  Maybe that is why my memory is the way it is.  I just don’t seem to think that most things are exciting enough, or worth my time, or memory.  Maybe I just partied too much as a teenager, and in my 20 and have too many dead brain cells.  What ever the reason, I will never know.  I just need to keep this brain strong and working one way, or another.  Sitting down and writing from time to time in enjoyable and helps.  Even a stress reliever at times.

As for now I just need to relearn to type with new long damn fingernails.  LOL!  🙂


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