52 Small Changes – Week 2

Oh boy, I am behind this week on my Blogs… here I go!

The 52 Small Changes – Weed 2 Challenge is to “Get Your Zzzzs”.  What this means is for  Aiming  for  7 – 8 hours a night  . So far so good for me this week.

I have been making sure that I try to stay aware of what time it is at night, because I can let it get away from me.  Monday I slept for exactly 7 hours.  uninterrupted.  So nice.  Last night I woke up 5 minutes shy of my 7 hours.  When nature calls it calls.  🙂

My sleep schedule can vary.  I don’t force staying awake, or going to sleep. I pretty much do what my body tells me.  I also have never really paid attention to the amount of hours I sleep at night.  I always figured it was about 5, or so.  This will be a good challenge for me.

We are also supposed to stick with drinking as much water as possible. This has been going great for me as I have been drinking 100+ ounces a day.  Yeah!  🙂


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