Another morning…

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I just can’t handle any negativity in my mornings.  As simple as 2 of my children going back and forth at the breakfast table.  Dirty looks, bickering, back and forth banter, one crying, the other with a crappy look on his face.  It takes me out of my element  to keep the house running smoothly.  Yes, it takes my control away.  I guess you can say that is what it is.  I want everyone to be happy, all the time.  Smile of the face, singing, chatting about what ever is the topic a the time.  Not frivolous  comments that just make the energy in the room go completely negative.  I feel like when that happens it is just a domino affect to other crappy things.  It makes me say things that I feel bad about and I feel like it makes me look like the bad guy.  I wasn’t the one that started it in the first place, but as the Mother I have to make it right.

Just another morning with a couple grumpy Boys this morning.  Time to turn up the music and let it all go.  When ever a situation like this comes up the first thing I think of is a song my Mother used to sing… Don’t Worry Be Happy .  🙂


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