Shrink Yo’Self – True Confession Tuesday

True ConfessionsToday I am told that  “Tuesday is the day where we put IT all out on the table, where we share the previous week’s transgressions, struggles, and good stuff too.  You write-up a post, leave the link in the comments below and then go read what everyone else has to say and leave them shouts of encouragement or a swift kick in the ass.” Ha!  Love it, so here it goes.

Started Weight Watchers on:  Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Starting Weight:  185

Highest Weight:  189

Weight Today:  177.2

Total WW Loss:  7.8

Total Loss Overall: 11.8

To Goal:  42.2

After charting all that let me tell you how easy it is to put that back on… yeah probably a week, or two.  Easy pesy and it sucks!  That is why I joined Weight Watchers and that is why I am here.  Honestly it is coincidental that it is the beginning of the year, because I have been ready and working my best.  The problem is that when it comes to myself my best isn’t always good enough. I can do everything for everyone else with no issue.  Follow though, help at the school, take care of every kid on the block, yadda yadda yadda, but when it comes to me I never really realize I am slacking until it is bad.

In the 14 weeks I have been in Weight Watchers I have had 4 gains. 3 times just 1 pound and 1 other time just 1.6.  Yeah, I got it back of rather quickly, but that is my problem.  I can lose it quick, but I also put it back on twice as fast.  I am learning that I need to be patient.  Slow loss is good. Eating is good. Especially when it speeds up your metabolism.

Yesterday we went with friends to Gordon Biersch to watch the Rose Bowl.  Weekend events are my nemesis! I love spending time with my Husband, friends and my family in general.  The weekends usually involve cocktails. Cocktails usually then lead to food. That is where I usually screw-up. I am working on it.  I want to get this weight off.

My other problem is that I just don’t care if I don’t get up and work-out, or eat that snack that I am supposed to be eating to get my metabolism going.  I am trying to change that as well.  It is SO easy for me to slip back into what I have always know.  I have been told my whole life to just not eat to lose weight.  Well, that obviously doesn’t work for me and has messed me up mentally.  I am having to reconfigure my brain.

I have a love and hate relationship with food.  I absolutely love it and love to cook. When there is amazing food in front of me I go for it.  On the other end I can go most of the day without eating and that really messes me up. I am learning to eat more often and boy is it hard for me.  🙂


Shrink Yo' Self in 2012

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