Shrink Yo’Self Fitness Challenge Week 1

Yesterday our first Shrink Yo’Self Fitness Challenge {Annoucement} was made.  It was pretty simple I thought.  Well, that is if I get my ass up and do it.  Exercise is pretty much the hardest thing for me.  While doing it I am fine. It is just the DOING IT part that I have a hard time with.  Getting to where I need to go.  Turning on that video/game.  Picking up a kettlebell.  If you have read my past blogs at all you know that I have done many things to exercise and usually love each of them.  It is just keeping going that is my problem. If I have any situation that keeps me from going,or doing it, that’s it.  I get stuck all over again.

I have gotten off topic, so I will get back to what the first Challenge is.  We are asked to do either 20 minutes of vigorous exercise three times weekly OR 30 minutes of moderate exercise five times weekly. Not so bad right?  Nope! Soooo, I did exercise today. I did 5.01 miles in 35 minutes.  Not my quickest, but wonderful never the less.  It felt good to get out and bike.  It was fun too since I went with my Husband and my friend Kim.  We will be doing it again tomorrow.  I figure I need to try to get in 4 more days this week.  I like to get on my bike, so that is what I am going to focus on until I can get back to Bikram.  I’m happy that I got out today!  🙂


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