9th Bikram Yoga Session in 12 Days

I am feeling pretty proud of myself sticking to something that is so good for me.  Last night was my 9th Bikram Yoga session in 12 days.  I am still a bit sore, but definitely not as much as when I first began.

Last night my friend Elizabeth, her Son and I went together.  The room was hot.  I immediately started to sweat.  It felt great!  I could feel my muscles start to loosen up.  I felt strong in my practice.  A little wobbly, or nauseous at times, but strong.  I can feel the change finally starting to happen.  I can’t wait to see what I will be feeling like after my 20th day.

I plan on only missing Thursday, Saturday and Sunday this week.  I will be in Sedona with my Husband for Saturday and Sunday, so I think that is a pretty good excuse.  I think 4 out of 7 isn’t too bad either.  Still perfect to stay in check and with a healthy program.

I keep having people tell me how they are scared to go due to the heat, sweating, etc.  I keep telling them it is all normal and once they go and then go back again a few times it will become addicting.  They will feel amazing.  Can you tell I have found something new that I really like?  🙂


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