7 Bikram Sessions in 8 Days

I was so happy to make yet another Bikram Yoga session last night.  7th one in 8 days, and I am feeling pretty proud about that.  I am so happy that my friend, Elizabeth, has been wanting to go with me and carpooling over.

My practice last night was pretty strong.  The room was actually cooler, which I think makes a pretty big difference in what you are burning and your heart rate, but I still sweat a ton.  I also felt great last night!

I’ve seemed to have pulled an upper hamstring.  I have just been taking it easy and trying to have the strongest practice that I can. After my practice this morning I will have 2 days off, then back on Monday.  I am hoping that will be sufficient time to heal and be back to being able to stretch without having to worry about hurting myself.

Have I told you?  I love Bikram Yoga!!  🙂


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