5th Bikram Yoga Class, Oh So Good

I am gearing up for my 6th Bikram Yoga session in the past 7 days tonight.  Monday was my 5th night, my Second Son’s 2nd and my 4th sons 2nd time, just not his 2nd in a row.

I was a little leery to let my 4th son, who is only 6, attend a session after school.  After a long day, a hungry child needs to eat and chill.  He insisted though.  He does love yoga, so I let him come.  On the way he had some water and a ZBar. After about 15, or 20 minutes into the session I noticed that he wasn’t doing the poses properly and seemed fidgety.  I let it go for a while.  After about an hour I couldn’t let it go any further.  He was trying so hard.  He looked exhausted.  I stood up, took him by the hand and grabbed his water.  I sat him on the couch in the cool air of the front room.  Filled up his water and made sure he was okay.  He just seemed tired and a bit dehydrated.  After sitting with him for a few minutes, I took him to the restroom to pee, had him rinse his face in cool water and head back to the couch.  I went back and continued the last 10 minutes of my practice.  By the time I came out he was much better.  When we got home, I put him on the couch with a plate of chicken breast and some ice water.  He was perfect after 20 minutes.  I have to give him credit for such a little guy.  With no pressure from me, he sure does try hard.  Such a great little guy!!

As for my 2nd Son and I and my friend Elizabeth (it was her first class), we made it though.  I was a bit tired and shaky through my practice that night, but was so happy I went.  I am hoping tonight that I will feel a bit more energy and strength, as I am feeling a bit tired at the moment and hungary for the second night in a row.  It will be good to get out of the house and away from the kitchen. I am so happy that my friend Elizabeth asked me to go with her again today.  So great!  🙂


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