My Bikram Boys

What a fantastic day today was!  Hung out this morning, had breakfast with my family, cleaned up a little bit then started to get ready for my 3 day of Bikram Yoga today.

5 minutes before my friend Kim was to be at my house to pick me up I went upstairs to ask my Boys who wanted to go.  My youngest, he’s 6, jumped up and said he was going.  Automatically.  My send oldest, he is 10, said he was going too.  My 9-year-old said no.  I told my oldest he was going, since 2 others were and he needed to come the most.  For my own personal reasons.  We found them something comfortable to wear and Kim was there in a flash.

The 3 Boys got to the studio and I laid out their towels.  They don’t have their own mats.  I am going to skip to the end, because all I really have to say is that they all… no WE all… the 5 of us that went today made it though the class famously.  It was fantastic and I am so proud.

We were laughing on the way home, because my friend Kim said that she only looked at me a few times like she wanted to fing kill me.  LOL!!!  Guess who wants to go back tomorrow though?  She does!!  My oldest was saying in the car, in between laughing at Kim and I, that he felt frustrated and didn’t want to go again.  Unfortunately, that is exactly why I told him that he needed to go.  It is hard to explain, but he really needs it.  I also told Kim on our way home that I was really wanting to cancel my massage for tomorrow after Weight Watchers and go to the last free class for this week.  She was all for it!  I was so happy to hear it.  She also looked at me with her red face, sweaty curly hair and tired eyes and said that if I change-up our appointments she will go.  The Boys piped in and said they wanted to too.  Wooo hooo!  Again, so proud!

I am a little bit sore in some different areas today then yesterday and the day before, but I feel really good.  I am hoping that I can go as much next week as I did this week.  I will have to look up the membership prices again and go for it.  I don’t want to stop this time and have months go by again when I am on such a great roll.  Go Kathleen go!

Alright, I need to talk a little bit about my Boys.  Wow!  90 minutes with a 6, 10 and 11-year-old.  they didn’t complain, talk, or anything of the sort.  They did the whole class… yes a whole 90 minute Bikram Yoga class and they were all amazing.  They amaze me each and every day!!

I am really hoping my Husband will go with us tomorrow too.  We shall see!  🙂


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