Another day of Bikram…

I did it!  I made it to another day of Bikram.  Today I was a bit stiff from yesterday, but today was better with me not wanting to puke the whole time.  I get to go back tomorrow too.  I am so happy about that.  My friend Kim will be going with me for her first time.  I love what Jon, the instructor/owner said today during class.  He said that everyone hates it their first time, their 5th time.  After 60 days they can’t live without it.  I believe it.

After class tonight I was asking Jon about children and Bikram.  He said I could bring them all if they are interested.  I loved hearing that.  I will be interested in seeing who goes with Kim and I tomorrow.

You know what I like the most?  That I am excited about going back.  About seeing how I feel each day after I practice.  All I can say is that it is the good stuff.

I am still focusing hard on my Weight Watchers and after 5 weeks on the program, I think that I am really finding my groove.  I am hoping to do the same with exercising and doing Bikram.  I want it to just become second nature for me.  Just part of my normal day.  Would that be wonderful!  🙂


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