Bikram, for good this time?

Yes!  I am so excited!  A new Bikram Yoga studio opened near my house on Monday and I could be more jazzed!  It is called Bikram Yoga Mesa.  The owner is Jon is a great instructor and couldn’t be more sincere and helpful.  He loves Bikram.

Today I was finally able to make one of the first classes.  All week they are holding free sessions for their opening week.  How great is that!  I plan on going back tomorrow.  Even after the several bouts of wanting to puke and my heart trying to jump out of my chest… yes I love it!

My Husband picked me up from my class tonight and I was talking to him about the session.  I was curious about how many calories you burn during a 90 minute typical session.  I looked at a few different sites and this is what I came up with… for a 180 pound person doing 90 minutes it calculates 885 to 1225 calories.  I’ll take it and I totally believe it!  I found the calculations at this site… Yoga For Weight Loss – Does Bikram Yoga Work? and also another calculator… The Most Accurate Calories Burned Calculator, and one more…  Calories Burned Yoga.

Isn’t that amazing!  After I got home, had dinner, more water and yes the Cosmo my Husband handed me (even though I didn’t feel like drinking it at all after such a great workout) I headed off to peel off my clothes and lay in bed.  I am still sweating 2 hours later. Not as bad of course, but I have a lot to get rid of after the wonderful 2 weeks of celebrating my Birthday and my youngest Brother in town.  I really do feel great and these cold sheets feel amazing.  LOL!

A couple other things that I would love to share with you non-Bikram believers are the Poses & Benefits Of Bikram Yoga.  If you would like to see the actual poses and no, I do not look like this in the poses and most people don’t… you can see them by clicking here… Bikram Yoga 26 Postures.  Also, some more benefits of Bikram can be seen here… health benefits.  

Here is another great link about Bikram Yoga.  I love it, because it is informational in many areas from learning about poses, what to wear, how good it is for your heart and the comparison of Bikram to Running.  Please check on these links.  Give it a try… give it at least 5!  🙂

Obviously I love it.  One day I hope you do too. I know it is only my first day back, but for me to have something so close to me in my current situation I could ride my bike there if I had too.  That is a great thing in my mind!  

Anyway, as my Husband and I were talking about my class tonight after we had dinner he couldn’t believe the calculations I found.  I also shared with him, again, the information that I had learned over the past few years. He was shocked!  So shocked that I hope that I will be able to drag him kicking and screaming to a free class before they end on Sunday.  And as Jon said tonight when I told him that I was trying to get my Husband to come, “I have a rope that we can drag him with.”  I love it!

I really needed this today.  Especially after a 3rd day of bloating, nausea and stomach-ache.  I feel pretty damn good right now. Tired, but really good!  That is a great thing!  🙂


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