1st Week… 1st Weigh-In

Yesterday was my first week and my first weigh-in with Weight Watchers. I first off have to say that I asked my friend Kim to do this with me and I am sooooo glad that I did. She has been a great partner for me to start on this Journey with. That said, yes, Sunday… well, I lost 2.4 pounds. It wasn’t what I wanted to lose. I wanted to lose at least 5 pounds. I probably would have if I weighed in on Saturday morning instead of Sunday, but so-be-it! I had two GNO this weekend and that worked me over hard with my points. Kim reminds me to not be so and on myself and that this “instant gratification” expectation I have is not realistic. It is something that I have to get over. Hopefully sooner than later. LOL!!

Back to Sunday… the meeting was great, even though I was tired, I was so happy to be there. I will take the 2.4 pounds lost and walk away with a smile the best I can. I am shooting for another 2.4, or more (wink wink) at my next weigh in. That one is actually going to come a lot sooner, because I will be camping on my normal Sunday meeting day and am going to go on Thursday instead. Another friend of Kim and I will be joining us and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

My weekly points is 29. That means that I have to eat/drink 29 points to stay on track. I also get an extra 49 points as a floater for the whole week. That definitely came in handy last week with being out with the girls.

Today is Monday and I am off to a great start… 12 used and 17 left to go for the day. I can do this!!

Here is a photo of Kim and I Friday night… take a good look at it… in 6 months I hope that we will look like two even more beautiful women enjoying a night out… skinnier!! šŸ™‚

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