So happy for the rain today…

September 9, 2011

While sitting at my desk a short while ago I was watching over my shoulder and out the window the beautiful sky changing.  The clouds white the sky so blue.  Blowing our way a few grey clouds intertwined with the rest.  Slowly the clouds became larger and more grey.  Then I heard it.  Thunder.  My Husband told me that it was going to storm this weekend, but I just assumed another dust storm with rain after, which isn’t always that fun.  Nope, no dust in sight this time and I was happy for that.  Thunder again!  Now I’m getting excited. It has been so hot… so, so hot!  I was ready to just feel some rain on my skin.  Cool rain for a change.

After a few minutes I walked outside.  It was cooling down… oh man, thank you for that.  Still no rain though, but I could hear the thunder in the distance.  Back inside I went.

A few minutes later I looked back over my shoulder out the window. There it is!  A few raindrops. I went back out to the backyard with 1 dog in tow.  Thunder again… he began to bark and run around the grass like he was talking to the thunder and the sky.  Aaaahhh… the rain… it started beating down.  It felt so good.  I stayed out there the whole time.  5 maybe 10 minutes.  I will take what I can get.

I find it funny how something so simple excites so many people in this state… rain, we all say, rain!!!  Like it is something we don’t see very often.  Well, this summer has been an especially hot one.  If anyone else is like me, I miss the rain tremendously.  The smell, the taste, the coolness on my skin, watching the drops float though the sky then hit the ground… all of it.  The drops were so big today too.  When they hit the ground they were as big as a quarter. Slow busting drops.

I feel a calm. Something I needed today.  I am so happy for the rain today. 🙂


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