Another Allergic Reaction

I woke up this morning, washed my face, put on my eye cream and moisturizer then headed downstairs to help my youngest with his breakfast.  After a short while the tip of my nose started to itch.  I also noticed that my eyelids were burning a little.  After about an hour I went and looked in the mirror.  My eyes and face were starting to swell again.  Mostly my eyelids and under my eyes though. As my Husband was in search for the Benadryl I looked in the mirror further.  Yep, definitely something going on.  Unfortunately, we could find the Benadryl.

Andrew took off to the store and I headed upstairs to wash my face.  Using a different cleanser this time and nothing after rinsing I washed off what facial products I used the first time around this morning.  I thought I would document the ugliness that is happening to me.  Come on, I don’t need puffy, disgusting stuff going on around my eyes.  I’ve worked hard to keep my skin in the condition it’s in.  LOL!!

Anyway, I have now taken one generic Benadryl and my face is clean.  Now I just wait.  As I sit here thinking, it has to be one of the 3 that I used this morning… my cleanser, my eye cream, or my moisturizer… most likely my cleanser, or eye cream.  Crazy that I would just all-of-a-sudden become allergic to something that I have used in the past. Our bodies seem to change though, so I will just have to take it as that.

This originally started last month while I was in California.  I did have the same cleanser with me and also the same eye cream.  I thought that it was the new mascara that I had taken with me for the trip, but now that I haven’t used it since then, it has to be something more simple like cleanser, or eye cream.  I will report back with my results after the Benadryl kicks in.

Wish me luck!  🙂




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