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I started my morning with my favorite breakfast today.  Well, not entirely my favorite, but It will do. I’ve replaced my Everything bagel with a wheat Bagel Thin.  I love a bagel with a small amount of cream cheese, capers and salmon.  Makes me so happy. Oh the little things!!

What I’m REALLY excited about today is starting back with my Bikram Yoga practice.  I was able to post on Bikram Hot Yoga Studio Tempe Facebook page and find someone to carpool with.  Tonight we head out for our first session together.  6:15 p.m. tonight and I just can’t wait until it gets here!

What am I looking forward to you might wonder?  I am looking forward to the heat of the room and how great it makes me feel.  Relaxing my muscles and sweating out the toxins.  I am looking forward to deepening my flexibility.  Working my muscles and joints and hoping to relieve some pain I have been having.  I am looking forward to the pounds that will hopefully start to melt off if I do my practice as often as I can each week.  I am looking forward to being around others that love yoga like I do, maybe even a little more.  I am looking  forward to bringing my calm self back to where she belongs.  Bikram is beneficial in so many ways. I am also looking forward to the quiet, well except for the instructor that is.

After getting my Bountiful Baskets on Saturday I have been enjoying all of my healthy meals and snacks.  I started yesterday (Tuesday has always seemed to be my day to start anew) eating every 2 to 3 hours and already went down 2 pounds.  Feels good to have so many fruits and veggies back in the house.

So my weight today is 180.2.  Up a couple of pounds from when I got back from vacation 2 weeks ago.  The good thing is that I know exactly why though and I am not going to be hard on myself.  I just got back into eating more regularly, which is what my problem is, apparently I don’t eat enough and as often throughout the day to keep my metabolism going.  Just eating right and more regular yesterday just goes to show that I need to keep it up.

I am excited to watch the changes that occur within myself and Blog about them as the weeks go by.  I am hoping that this will be exactly what I have been needing to move forward for a better lifestyle for myself.  For my body, soul and mind… don’t forget my emotions and hormones too!  🙂


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