Vacation from Being on Track

I just got back Sunday from being in California with my 4 Boys and my friend Rita.  I will talk about my trip in another blog post.  Anyway, I have decided to get back on track today, then decided to wait until the weekend.  My Bountiful Baskets order will be in on Saturday and I am plum out of everything else right now except for a couple of apples and oranges.

I didn’t eat badly on my vacation.  I just didn’t eat very regular. I didn’t gain and I didn’t lose either.

I am haven’t been out of control by any means this week since I have been back.  Unfortunately, since the pantry and fridge are pretty null and void of many fruits and veggies I have been having a handful of regular snacks here and there.  Just a handful though.  Nothing crazy.  I have been hungry though, which is a good sign for me. Instead of grabbing a handful of pretzels today I reached for an apple and put 2 tablespoons of peanut butter on a plate. I’ve never had the two together, but it is really so yummy!  Thanks to my OC girlfriend that I was able to see over the weekend and on our way back from N. California.  I just never thought of putting the two together.  Yum!

I’ve been able to keep the 10 pounds off that I lost,which I am happy about.  On the other hand I realized that I am TERRIBLE with keeping goals for myself.  You would think that I would have come to terms with this years ago, but no.  I just did and just admitted it to myself. HA! First step right? Right!  So, I am going to start with baby-steps… I am going to shoot for another 10 pound loss. I don’t have a goal date perse… just that I need to lose 10 more pounds this year then I will take it from there. I think that is very reasonable.  🙂


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