Round 3 – Day 27

Vegas June 27, 2011 (179 Pounds - Size 14)

178.4… I got on the scale this morning, read my weight, then got off thinking… How in the hell did I go up a pound while sleeping?  Well, that tells me not to weigh myself before I have fully woken up.  You’re down a pound silly girl!  Cool!

Here comes the weekend again though! That is always scary for me. My plan for tonight is salmon for dinner since I am out of the pizza fixings. My Husband likes our Family Pizza Nights on Friday, but tonight he will have to enjoy just a Family Dinner Night… With salmon. Actually, my children will be ecstatic! All four of them would pick salmon over pizza any day and I must admit, I am grateful for that.

I am still just so happy from yesterdays post Vegas weigh-in.  🙂

6 thoughts on “Round 3 – Day 27

  1. Woo hoo! You look fantastic, as always, and I know you are happy to have held your own after your trip to Vegas! 🙂 Salmon sounds wonderful, enjoy!

  2. Good way to start the long weekend. Weekends some times cause problems for me too, especially long ones like this. I’m starting mine with a hearty salad and hoping it will kick-off good eating for the rest of my weekend. I have Mediterranean planned for tomorrow and sushi on Sunday, so those should keep me out of trouble. Monday I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed (or rather my mouth shut).

    • I looked at your Blog and I must say that you are an amazing woman! To lose half of your body weight and still going. I applaud you!!!

      Thank you for the kind words of inspiration… I need them badly. I think that is why I have gone to Blogging… I don’t really get the encouraging words and inspiration otherwise.

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