Round 3 – Day 17

Okay, back down today… 176.2.  I’ve had the meat off of two chicken legs this morning and most of an apple.  I’m stuffed!  Time to make my tea and fill up my glass of water for the morning.

I’m not going to get out to ride my bike today as it is supposed to be like 110, or something like that.  Even hotter tomorrow.  Welcome to the Arizona summer!  Maybe I will borrow a pair of one of my Boys’ goggles and do some laps in the pool before I relax to read outside.

I leave for Vegas on Sunday and was trying to push myself to get off a few more pounds.  Obviously the weekend never pushes me.  I always seem to give myself a ton of slack during that time.  I don’t feel bad about it though.  I enjoy my weekends with my family all together.

I get to go out on the lake with some girl friends tomorrow for the day.  Then Thursday night I’m headed out dancing for a GNO, which is way over due for me.  I need a week like this, it’s good for my soul.  🙂


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